life like

actually, it's more gremlin like and to be honest with you, i love this photo so much i've posted it twice. i felt it was time to do another "i've moved" post and this was the photo i used to let everyone know that i'm no longer in the place where pieces of my heart will always live and that i'm here instead, kicking and screaming. in a good way. so tell me, what does this fungus look like to you?

i'm not really ready to share any information yet about the "big project" that i mentioned in my last post, as it's been filled with nothing but headaches and mental exhaustion mixed with way too many hours spent sitting in a car, but as soon as the fun starts, i'll share everything. wait a minute though. i don't want anyone getting their expectations up too high about all of this,  since it's only a "big project" to me, so let's just pretend i offered you a dish of vanilla ice cream...with sprinkles of course. there, that's a good expectation to have. snort.

last, but not least, we have a new grand-baby. his name is moe and he's a sweetheart. he was a stray that had been brought into the humane society and our daughter rescued him. actually, he equally as much rescued her. isn't that the way it always goes? anyhow, i'll have photos to share soon,  so it's only right that i've already warned you about the cuteness overload to come. you're welcome.



across the street from us is an empty building that was once home to a sweet little shop. i could say that about so many of the buildings here in this tiny town. it breaks my heart to see all  the empty store fronts waiting patiently to be filled up with art or treasures and loved again.

the peonies in these photos are from the front yard of that sweet little shop and since there isn't anyone around to enjoy them, i cut a few to bring inside. peonies are full of ants and that kind of grosses me out, but i made sure to check all the little crevices created by the full petals to make sure that i wasn't bringing a family of ants inside with me.

cut peonies don't last very long. just saying.

the storms lately have been awful and i hope that wherever you are, you and your loved ones are safe and dry. today and for the next few months we're working on a huge project that i'll share in my next post. it's full of choices and decisions and options and our heads are swimming, but in a good and challenging way. just to keep things interesting and to see if you made it to the end of this post, what's the one thing you'd change in your kitchen if you had the ability to do so.


and so i run, away

the gnats are forcing me to look like an idiot. they have increased in volume and i literally walk around  waving my arms in circles like the whirly gig ride at the state fair. if i stop in one place for more than a nano second, wham. attacked. my sister said that gnats can kill chickens by suffocating them. they literally crawl, by the hundreds, into the noses of poultry and suffocate them. sorry, but that is one of the most awful things i have ever heard of. damn you gnats.

the photo above is a partial photo of the back of the building in which we are renting an apartment. i might have gotten a "full" photo, but see all that foliage? foliage means gnats. gnats mean run. run means that once again, i look like an idiot.

this building calls my name every morning. it's what i can see from our bathroom window {through the foliage and over the creek and behind another building} and the other day, i just had to check it out. i sprayed bug spray and ran. as long as i was running, i was winning. as soon as i stopped, i was toast, but the photographer in me was determined. i lasted approximately 64 seconds.

someday there will be more photos of this gem, as i'm going to find out who owns it and how i can get inside. there's an old car, or maybe it's a truck in there and i want to get up close and personal to that sweet thing. did you see it above?

tomorrow i'm going to buy buggins. it's supposed to be the miracle "spray" to keep all flying things away from me and it's natural. i've been told the smell is something i can handle {since certain smells cause me to have migraines} and when i smelled it on my mom,  it was tolerable, but when i see "roses" in the description, mixed with vanilla, i get a little queasy. the love of my life says i have a fragile eco system. i have no idea what he's talking about. snort.


a bit more why

in contemplating a blog change and many people asking me why,  i thought i'd share a bit more about my own personal feelings and some things i found while researching blogging. first of all, after all the years of blogging that i've accomplished, it felt odd to "learn" about blogging, as i thought i knew everything. well maybe not everything, but certainly enough. nope. totally wrong on that one. there is so much about blogging…the good-the bad, the right-the wrong, the pretty-the ugly and more…that it makes your head swim. so here's your warning. don't do it. don't google it. eat chocolate and go on  a long walk instead.

one of the many things that kept leaping off the many pages i read, was defining and redefining your style. i sat back in my chair and thought…do i even have a style? then there was more information about advertising or not advertising and simple lines and non-cluttering or distracting pages and writing your story and not giving a shit about what others think or giving a huge shit to what others think, since they're your readers. this is where i took two aleve and banged my head against the wall...because wait, there's MORE. single columns or double columns, word justification, newspaper or magazine style and what's more pleasing to the eye, colors or no colors and then finally the one thing i've always known...don't ever write without adding at least one photo to your post. whew. i could check that one off my list.

so personally, and this is where i get honest, here's what i think. i think blogging IS all about your story and if someone doesn't want to read what you write, so be it. some blogs, filled with too many colors or distracting backgrounds, moving photos/sidebars and loads of advertising do give me headaches, but i'm a migraine sufferer so i'm probably in the minority here. it's your blog and you can do whatever you want, but i did say i'd be honest. for example, i used to write with my words being center justified and stopped doing it when someone told me it was hard for them to read. i had no idea. now when i get to a blog whose words are centered, i hate it…and you know what,  it IS hard to read.

so anyhow,  i kept my blog similar to my old one, simple and white and eliminated a few things from the bottom. i added a "like" button, as i totally understand that people don't have time to comment and i'm okay with that. it's a bit "face book" or "instagram" like but after learning or actually relearning about blogging,  it was mentioned multiple times how the true and real blogging is fading away…that FB and instagram are taking over and those who used to blog are still doing it, BUT on those platforms and not a blogging platform and that made me sad. one of the many reasons, you got it…the ability to "like it" and not leave a comment, as that takes too much time.

so hopefully you will the love the hell out of what i write in my new space and keep coming back for more, but if my words fail you, that's okay...hopefully my photos will wow you instead, or at least make you smile.


randomness on a friday

i'm not exactly sure where another week has gone, but i think i felt it brush my shoulder as it passed by. 

i decided instead of writing anything else right now about our moving or why a new blog, i'd just share some general randomness, as that's always fun. i love it when i learn something new from someone's blog just because they shared a few links, a funny joke, a photo or  just some simple fun stuff.

today, i am loving this song and artist, and wow, what an incredible video they made. oh, and let's not forget this song and group, too. the video to this one is a little rough, but oh those words. they get me every time i hear them.

do you keep your most used cooking utensils out next to your stove, or in a drawer?

i have fallen completely head over heels in love with the food photography on this blog.

are the gnats and mosquitos in your "neck of the woods" crazy awful this year, or is that just here? honestly, they are making summer almost intolerable. even on a windy day, they somehow win which means obviously, they have super powers.

it's friday and i surely hope you've laughed a lot this week. if not, this should do it for you. if it doesn't make you laugh, well then you are officially a curmudgeon and shouldn't be allowed out around other people. snort.

happy weekend everyone. i hope you find some time to just sit and wonder.


seeing what i see

i always wonder what others see, compared to what i'm seeing. i'm not sure if that's how other photographers feel or think, but i'm constantly wondering. actually you don't even have to be a photographer. you can just be you and i still wonder. i feel like i see and notice and sense everything around me and sometimes it's overwhelming, but it's how i take in "my" world, so obviously it's something i've lived with my whole life.

as we were leaving the little "they have everything you need" grocery store last night,  in the very little town we live in, next to the exit door was a black wire rack with ice scrapers and potting soil. an odd combination i thought. then i wondered if anyone else has ever even noticed this.

as i sit here typing, there are teeny tiny red spider mites roaming around on the window glass next to me. thankfully they are outside. as long as they stay there, i'm fine. if they get inside i'm totally disgusted. speaking of something spider related, i think i got bit by one. we were sitting outside at my in-laws house swatting the swarms of gnats away and all of a sudden, ouch. between my pinky and ring finger a large bite mark suddenly appeared and instantly started to swell. i held ice on it to ease the pain. we left shortly after that, but while we were out i had to buy and take a benedryl {while we were still in the store.} that was monday and i've had to take benedryl regularly since then to control the itching.

is it just me, or do you feel weird opening and using something you're buying while still in the store? the other day it was benedryl {and an afterbite stick} and not long before that it was kleenex. there i am shopping and all of sudden out of nowhere, my nose starts running and i have nothing with me. so i grab a box of kleenex and open it and use one. i've also opened up a package of wet wipes right off the shelf when my hand touched and kind of a stuck to a section of my shopping cart halfway through the store totally grossing me out. maybe this is a common phenomenon and cashiers see this all the time, but i always find myself needing to confess and feeling bit guilty…"um, oh, this package is open…i opened it. my nose was running." i'm sure the cashier is probably thinking whatever lady.

maybe this is one of the many reasons i love the self checkout lanes.


i wanted to be a dot com

i'm not sure exactly why i wanted to change my blog, but the little gnawing feeling that kept poking me, challenging me and almost daring me, wouldn't leave. i finally decided that with our huge change, as in selling our house and moving, that changing my blog during this transition could only feel like a teeny tiny bump in the road, instead of the painful walk uphill with a backpack filled with rocks when i first contemplated it. 

i actually researched blogging for the first time in my life and was amazed at what i found. so many hints and tips and instructions of "do this" and "don't do that" and i was like, really? blogs have personalities, basically an extension of ourselves and i have always felt that in blogging you can do whatever you want to do since it's your blog. 

the only thing i knew i wanted, without question, was to become a dot com. after all of these years of blogging, for some personal reason that felt important to me. i played with lots of names and when i found that forever focusing was available, it jumped in my lap, looked up at me with longing eyes and wouldn't budge. 

forever focusing comes from a lifetime of having attention deficit disorder and it never being talked about. when i was younger, there wasn't a name for it and when our son was diagnosed in elementary school, i knew then that he was just like me. today we share the need to be reminded to focus and we easily get distracted and can be forgetful, but we also love and laugh and are pretty much high on life.

of course my love of photography was just an extra bonus when forever focusing found me. camera, lenses, focus…get it?

i'm trying the 2 column approach with this blog and we'll see how that goes. everything i've done in making changes feels like shopping for shoes. i have to walk around, look in the mirror, try a new size, jump up and down on my toes…in hopes that i finally find something that feels just right. i also really wanted a clean simple banner instead of a photo banner, but yikes, that just didn't feel right…at least for now.

during my research, the one thing i found that made me smile was reading that you should never and i mean never, post without including at least one photo. that readers seeing only words get scared and are not drawn or pulled into your space and will move onto the next blog. whew, at least this is something i've always done and will continue to alway do. then it made me go back to some of my favorite blogs to see if any of them are "photo-less" and guess what? all of my favorites are not only favorites because of the way they write, but also because their photos draw me in and keep me there.


i heard it takes twenty one days

today is the first of june and i'm finally ready to write again. actually, i've been ready to write for days, but my life as a "mover" {not as a "writer} has taken priority over everything else.

we've slept in our temporary loft apartment now for five nights and surprisingly, we've slept really well. there are new noises, shadows, locks and light switches to get used to, but just like our other moves, we're making it feel like home. it doesn't smell like us yet, which might sound odd, yet i think you know what i mean. the building we're in was built in the 1850's and there are corners and hallways that smell old and a few places that just smell, well... not like us. maybe like the previous tenants. but it's getting there. we filled the kitchen air yesterday with stir fried veggies...a mixture of mushrooms, sweet potatoes, zucchini, onions, garlic and chicken…and that was wonderfully comforting.

even after all the purging we did ahead of time, i've still unpacked a few things wondering what i was thinking. how many washcloths does a person really need…and the old washcloths and towels too grungy to use anymore and now considered rags, yep…i have too many of those, too.

now that we're settled, or at least feeling like we can focus again, i want to write. i want to write a lot and often. everyday if i can. it might not always be here, as i have hundreds of journals just waiting for words {ask the movers, they'll verify the box they moved and how heavy it was} but i know that the words i let fall onto and soak into all of the lined and unlined  paper just waiting to be loved on, will eventually turn into words here, too.

i've heard often that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit and that's not really the truth. on average, it takes 66 days before a new behavior becomes automatic. {james says so in this fun to read page} so hopefully in 66 days, me writing something somewhere everyday will become my new habit. it's so much healthier than all those other habits you hear about. snort.