i wanted to be a dot com

i'm not sure exactly why i wanted to change my blog, but the little gnawing feeling that kept poking me, challenging me and almost daring me, wouldn't leave. i finally decided that with our huge change, as in selling our house and moving, that changing my blog during this transition could only feel like a teeny tiny bump in the road, instead of the painful walk uphill with a backpack filled with rocks when i first contemplated it. 

i actually researched blogging for the first time in my life and was amazed at what i found. so many hints and tips and instructions of "do this" and "don't do that" and i was like, really? blogs have personalities, basically an extension of ourselves and i have always felt that in blogging you can do whatever you want to do since it's your blog. 

the only thing i knew i wanted, without question, was to become a dot com. after all of these years of blogging, for some personal reason that felt important to me. i played with lots of names and when i found that forever focusing was available, it jumped in my lap, looked up at me with longing eyes and wouldn't budge. 

forever focusing comes from a lifetime of having attention deficit disorder and it never being talked about. when i was younger, there wasn't a name for it and when our son was diagnosed in elementary school, i knew then that he was just like me. today we share the need to be reminded to focus and we easily get distracted and can be forgetful, but we also love and laugh and are pretty much high on life.

of course my love of photography was just an extra bonus when forever focusing found me. camera, lenses, focus…get it?

i'm trying the 2 column approach with this blog and we'll see how that goes. everything i've done in making changes feels like shopping for shoes. i have to walk around, look in the mirror, try a new size, jump up and down on my toes…in hopes that i finally find something that feels just right. i also really wanted a clean simple banner instead of a photo banner, but yikes, that just didn't feel right…at least for now.

during my research, the one thing i found that made me smile was reading that you should never and i mean never, post without including at least one photo. that readers seeing only words get scared and are not drawn or pulled into your space and will move onto the next blog. whew, at least this is something i've always done and will continue to alway do. then it made me go back to some of my favorite blogs to see if any of them are "photo-less" and guess what? all of my favorites are not only favorites because of the way they write, but also because their photos draw me in and keep me there.


  1. i wouldn't want too much change - i love you the way you are - but i love this. and i love the trying on shoes thing - that's perfect. and i'm happy for you. congratulations on the new space!! xoxox

  2. This is soothing and beautiful! Change is good. I like it.

  3. Its you- new you, but still you.com. Feels like home already!

  4. Dear Ms. Dot-Com -- No matter what you do, I'll love it. You will always make me smile or think. And all those blogging articles? I think you could probably write a few. Being true to you is what it's all about. And that you'll do!

  5. This is a beautiful space, and so very you. I'm glad you went the dot-com route, and isn't it fun playing around with different looks? (exactly like trying on shoes!)

  6. It's very you!s Congratulations on taking the leap. Now tell me what the advantages are to being a dot.com. Is there a fee? Just curious.

  7. I just love this new space. It feels good. :)

  8. Like the new space and thoughts.
    Now you are back on my list to visit
    regularly. Take care with the focusing,
    you are doing great!

  9. Well, I just love it!! The name and the look and the idea... yay for you! I keep thinking it's time to revamp the blue muse, as soon as i actually FIND the time...sigh...

    Looking forward to your new space here! xo

  10. It's a beautiful space, and I like the idea of being a dot com.