life like

actually, it's more gremlin like and to be honest with you, i love this photo so much i've posted it twice. i felt it was time to do another "i've moved" post and this was the photo i used to let everyone know that i'm no longer in the place where pieces of my heart will always live and that i'm here instead, kicking and screaming. in a good way. so tell me, what does this fungus look like to you?

i'm not really ready to share any information yet about the "big project" that i mentioned in my last post, as it's been filled with nothing but headaches and mental exhaustion mixed with way too many hours spent sitting in a car, but as soon as the fun starts, i'll share everything. wait a minute though. i don't want anyone getting their expectations up too high about all of this,  since it's only a "big project" to me, so let's just pretend i offered you a dish of vanilla ice cream...with sprinkles of course. there, that's a good expectation to have. snort.

last, but not least, we have a new grand-baby. his name is moe and he's a sweetheart. he was a stray that had been brought into the humane society and our daughter rescued him. actually, he equally as much rescued her. isn't that the way it always goes? anyhow, i'll have photos to share soon,  so it's only right that i've already warned you about the cuteness overload to come. you're welcome.


  1. And I eagerly await the pics of Mo. :-) Throw some fudge and whipped cream over that sprinkled vanilla, will you?

  2. Oh cuteness, can't wait!
    I will be sitting here enjoying the ice cream with sprinkles in the mean time
    and wondering what's new with you.

  3. Moe? Yay! Can't wait to meet him!
    Sending good juju around your big, exciting project!!! 😁

  4. That fungus is scary... Congrats on the new grand baby! Can't wait to see the photos!!!