randomness on a friday

i'm not exactly sure where another week has gone, but i think i felt it brush my shoulder as it passed by. 

i decided instead of writing anything else right now about our moving or why a new blog, i'd just share some general randomness, as that's always fun. i love it when i learn something new from someone's blog just because they shared a few links, a funny joke, a photo or  just some simple fun stuff.

today, i am loving this song and artist, and wow, what an incredible video they made. oh, and let's not forget this song and group, too. the video to this one is a little rough, but oh those words. they get me every time i hear them.

do you keep your most used cooking utensils out next to your stove, or in a drawer?

i have fallen completely head over heels in love with the food photography on this blog.

are the gnats and mosquitos in your "neck of the woods" crazy awful this year, or is that just here? honestly, they are making summer almost intolerable. even on a windy day, they somehow win which means obviously, they have super powers.

it's friday and i surely hope you've laughed a lot this week. if not, this should do it for you. if it doesn't make you laugh, well then you are officially a curmudgeon and shouldn't be allowed out around other people. snort.

happy weekend everyone. i hope you find some time to just sit and wonder.


  1. OMG..,that baby had an adult laugh! I need to laugh like that way more often!

  2. Enjoying catching up on your posts. For some reason I had missed them.

  3. Belly laughs are good for the soul!

  4. Nice to stop by for some thoughts from beth!
    Loved the food photography! That baby's laugh
    just does make me smile. Love a babies laugh.
    gnat and mosquitos haven't quite arrived here yet,
    they come later in the summer. Happy weekend back at you!

  5. Love the music videos! Oh and the baby's laugh...brought tears to my eyes. I like your new blog home...of course I liked the old one too! I really enjoy looking at your photos and reading your words!
    Angela Vular

  6. i hope you find something wonderful to laugh about and make you giggle this week, too. : )

  7. Love that quote - so perfect. New blog is great and I can't wait to keep reading!

  8. My utensils are next to the stove and it drives Rick nuts!

    Got to go back and click on your links.

    Here's a bloggie question for you -- is there any way that I can adjust my screen to make your type darker? I can hardly read it because it's so pretty and light colored. Don't know if I can do that without blocking and putting into a word doc or text file to read and then come back and comment. That's what I've been doing. You know more about the computer than I do, so if you have any ideas, help! (It's not the size, it's the lightness...)

  9. this is a beautiful new space, beth. i love it. it has a soothing style and really showcases your incredible photographic eye. :)