seeing what i see

i always wonder what others see, compared to what i'm seeing. i'm not sure if that's how other photographers feel or think, but i'm constantly wondering. actually you don't even have to be a photographer. you can just be you and i still wonder. i feel like i see and notice and sense everything around me and sometimes it's overwhelming, but it's how i take in "my" world, so obviously it's something i've lived with my whole life.

as we were leaving the little "they have everything you need" grocery store last night,  in the very little town we live in, next to the exit door was a black wire rack with ice scrapers and potting soil. an odd combination i thought. then i wondered if anyone else has ever even noticed this.

as i sit here typing, there are teeny tiny red spider mites roaming around on the window glass next to me. thankfully they are outside. as long as they stay there, i'm fine. if they get inside i'm totally disgusted. speaking of something spider related, i think i got bit by one. we were sitting outside at my in-laws house swatting the swarms of gnats away and all of a sudden, ouch. between my pinky and ring finger a large bite mark suddenly appeared and instantly started to swell. i held ice on it to ease the pain. we left shortly after that, but while we were out i had to buy and take a benedryl {while we were still in the store.} that was monday and i've had to take benedryl regularly since then to control the itching.

is it just me, or do you feel weird opening and using something you're buying while still in the store? the other day it was benedryl {and an afterbite stick} and not long before that it was kleenex. there i am shopping and all of sudden out of nowhere, my nose starts running and i have nothing with me. so i grab a box of kleenex and open it and use one. i've also opened up a package of wet wipes right off the shelf when my hand touched and kind of a stuck to a section of my shopping cart halfway through the store totally grossing me out. maybe this is a common phenomenon and cashiers see this all the time, but i always find myself needing to confess and feeling bit guilty…"um, oh, this package is open…i opened it. my nose was running." i'm sure the cashier is probably thinking whatever lady.

maybe this is one of the many reasons i love the self checkout lanes.


  1. Lol...I'm always opening thing in the store and using/eating/drinking it. I don't feel weird about it at all! Love this new space...xoxo

  2. Dont do the opening thing very often myself. I would usually slink back to the car. ;)

    I do know the seeing everything in special focus thing though. I have that too. I got it from my dad. It can be overwhelming sometimes, but mostly I see it as an incredible gift. Especially in this world where so many are rushing rushing rushing by and dont stop to notice the red of a spider or the incredible pattern the rain drops make on windows. That artist vision is alright with me !

    Happy Hump day, Blogger girl.

  3. I don't see a problem with it. The ones I wonder about are the parents that feed there children off the shelves
    and all they have left is the wrapper. I wonder it they even save the wrapper to pay for the food. Poor starving
    children, smiling! Hope the spider bite is getting better. Sometimes when I have to use a public bathroom, I
    try to turn on knobs and touch handles in places that I think others might not have touched. A handy wipe would
    work for this too. Oh dear, our little paranoia's. Oh well, we all have them in one way or the other.

  4. love the new blog and blog name!! i haven't been a blog reader for quite some time. i can hardly keep up with my own blog, posting once a week and minimally at that. but if i ever get my act together with getting my home in order, than i will definitely be adding blog reading back into my leisure time. and yours will be on the list of blogs i read. looking forward to what you forever focus on!

  5. i open bottles of water or a coke as i shop, and have never had a cashier blink an eye. perhaps cashiers really don't care; they're just paid by the hour and probably think it's not enough to worry about what the customers open.

    and re: the seeing. i see things differently than others, but in truth i don't wonder what those others see. hence my surprise when they show and/or tell me. :) i like that.

  6. Well, here I am...I'd follow you just about anywhere.

    After returning from India, with my 40 lb weight lost, I went to see my orthopedist, preop, before my shoulder
    surgery. I had on jeans but had forgotten a belt and my pants were slipping down and driving me nuts. I went
    to the pharmacy in the building and bought a roll of gauze, then asked if they had a pair of scissors. I made
    myself a belt, explaining the situation. I am sure they thought I was nuts but, hey, it worked.

  7. I've opened stuff like kleenex in the store before... I don't see why not!