a white box

yesterday i stood in the white box that later this fall will become our home. the drywall is almost finished, so for the first time i could reach out and touch the walls that our laughter will eventually bounce off of and truly understand the space that our new dreams will have to run around in. 

yes {in case you're doing the math and putting two and two together} we're moving again. shortly after we moved here, into our amazing {you should come and see it because it's that cool} temporary apartment, we found something being built back in the area we moved from and decided we could easily call it home. 

we love this tiny town we're currently living in, but we knew the "big city" would beg us to come back someday...we just had no idea it would be so quickly. for someone who has moved as many times as we have, it's this move that's weighing me a down bit and making me emotional. i guess menopause could just as likely be the cause, but whatever. one minute i'm grumpy because there's so much packing to do again and the next minute i'm all excited because we found a really cool light fixture for the dining area. then we have to pick out door hardware and my mood plummets again mostly due to the boredom of doorknobs, only to be lifted sky high when we find out that our backordered hardwood floors will be here on time. see the roller coaster that's chewed me up and is swallowing me alive?

hold on there henrietta, i'm not complaining. honestly,  i'm not. i seriously know how very lucky i am and that many people would give anything to have their only worry be what tile to use in the bathroom and should the light fixture in there have two or three lights. believe me people, i get it. i totally get it. anything we're stumbling over right now is of our own doing and we are blessed to be to falling all over the place right now.

since it's friday again, it's time to share a few "finds" with all of you. 

first a quote by louise hay. "people need loving the most when they deserve it the least." depending on your situation, that could have felt like a knife to the heart just now, but oh gosh, it's a good quote…a good reminder, maybe?

second, there's this and i'm really hoping i haven't already shared it a few posts back and then by any chance are any of you doing this? i play along every year and since there really aren't any rules, i always figure, why not? 

happy happy weekend everyone


  1. Visiting from Friday Finds, my first time linking with this community. Love your photos.I'm a mess when we move--which isn't a great trait for a military wife!

  2. Deep breaths and dreams of a dream home to get you through.
    Love ya!

  3. I love the way you keep on riding the waves,
    riding out the storm.
    beautiful view from where you're sitting:)

  4. You are far more intrepid than I! We've lived in the same home for almost 30 years. But I can tell you'll love your new home and will feel comfortable in no time.

  5. Moving is not easy even if you are happy about the move, it is fun and it is exhausting and it is stressful #1. Take it easy on yourself. You have expressed yourself very well, looking forward to seeing the new place, love how you put it standing the the white box. Love the header also. Going to put you in my Feedly so I don't miss a post. Now go have a glass of wine or a cold glass of tea.

  6. i love how you can already hear your family's laughter bouncing off the walls. this moving part will soon be over, and you'll look back and think, "hey! we did it!" happy weekend, beth!

  7. Moving is never any fun (the packing aspect), but this sounds like a wonderful new adventure!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. oh its been far too long since i visited.... i've missed your words..... so exciting to be moving into a place you know is right....
    exciting and stressful i am sure.....
    i read through your whole post...then i read your quote... the timing was almost scary.... as I just 2 minutes ago hung up on our boy...... after another stressful and frustrating phone call and the start of a weekend that could lead to who knows what..... thank you for sharing this...oh my...

    xo, Kim

  9. I hear you, Beth. The thought of moving is stressful - maybe because you enter that "nomadic" space for a bit. Having lived over here for some time now and hearing the thoughts of those who pass through, I hold on to one "home is what you make it" and that helps me out sometimes when the worry sets in. xx

  10. This is exciting! Yes lots of work... But door knobs are cool...I'd have fun with that! Xoxo

  11. That is an awesome quote, and a good one for me to remember in my real estate business. I love people, but sometimes.... sigh. Congrats on your new move. It really is exciting, but understandable to be on that roller coaster! Good luck!

  12. congratulations on your new home! moving is never fun but knowing this will be for a while should help :)

  13. Humm? Love Susannah Conroy - I will think about doing that this year.
    I have never built a house, but everyone I know that has says the same things
    about stressing over door knobs and light fixtures. Oh so exciting and I wish
    you well in this new dream home. There is something so exciting about moving
    eventhough it is alot of work.

  14. Oh boy- that menopause thing- I don't give it enough credit I think. I find myself bugged and bothered by the littlest things that would never have even crossed my radar before… and then suddenly I'm giddy and laughing and who am I these days? I think moving would put me over the edge too! But new house, does have a certain charming ring to it!

  15. I lost you for a while. Is there a way I can follow you so your posts show up and remind me that I enjoy your blog? Another move? Oh my goodness, you are brave. We are planning a kitchen remodel and I cannot make decisions because I like so so many different design ideas. Knobs, cabinets, countertops....I want it all to be finished and I have not yet begun.