so hear me roar

i've been doing so much reading lately. i wish it was all from a "fits in my hands perfectly, slightly broken spine, smells old and is juicy enough to make my mouth water" paperback that i can't set down, but it's not. sadly, it's all been found online, which let's face it, is a larger part of my life than i like to admit, so i deal with it.

i'd love to have a name for the things i find and share here, but i don't because it's never the same day of the week, it's never a theme and it's always when my mind is in a wandering mood…which is actually more often than anyone realizes, but that's for another post. so today, i'm going to link up with kim for her friday finds just for fun. see, she has a name for what she shares. ugh, the pressure.

my first find is this article which brought me to tears. if you know me well, you know that glitter can bring me to tears, so an article like this…well bring on the whole box of kleenex or walk away dismissing my very hormonal self. your choice. a friend of mine thought expecting our men to be our rock wasn't quite right and that they should be allowed to be vulnerable, too and i couldn't agree more, but this is a "story" about us…women…so hear me roar. maybe next time they'll write an article about how we're not supposed understand men. snort. like we don't already know that.

then there's this article. i'm not going to say much about this one because i'll end up offending someone and it takes so much work to get my feet out of my mouth once i've gotten them in there, but i will say that if someone has a jeep like david's jeep, and doesn't know what to do with it, my hubby wants it. oh, and by the way,  get off of facebook and go outside. see, just like that one foot just jumped right in. ugh.

and last but not least, this post. i don't know much about adoption, but i know a little and after reading this part of their story and her most recent post, i know a whole lot more. if you have more time, read even deeper. what a  story they have and her grace through all of it pretty much made me cringe when i think of all the little things that i let bother me. 


  1. I chased you down to here.
    Now I have so much to absorb.
    Happy to find you ( again )

  2. Hmm.. well, I hear the FB rant often and I do think it can be too time consuming if you let it swallow you up, and people have a bad habit of airing personal laundry on it, big mistake. I find it to be a great tool for sharing recipes, dogs who need homes, keeping in touch with long distance family.. so I do feel it has it's merits.

    As for the adoption story, oh, how heartbreaking that must be. And how very gracious the adoptive parents are. I hope they have the family some day that they so clearly want and deserve. They will be wonderful parents.

  3. Have enjoyed reading your post, "so hear me roar." I appreciate a voice that uses language/words in a fresh and original way. You are a very talented writer...and I can totally relate to excessive online reading, but my attention span is short, also; love your list of things that distract you...I need to compile a list, but I doubt I could focus long enough to do that.

  4. Lot of random thoughts here.
    And I was waiting for the announcement.
    Didn't you say one was coming soon?
    Or is it my imagination? Oh it is too hot
    here, I don't like it.

  5. I love the pictures and the way you share your thoughts. And I especially love your header.

  6. Lots of thoughts, hither and yon...which I enjoy. Sort of like my mind, jumping all over the place. trying to get packed and ready for India. I am always anxiety ridden, wonder where the heck I will live. All these paying guests places want me to send money which I will not, sight unseen. I've learned not to trust photos and no money will pass hands until I arrive and see places. All I want is ground floor or a "lift", air, if at all possible, a Western toilet, this near 70 body, with its arthritic knees doesn't do well squatting, and Wi-fi.

  7. love the softness of these images

  8. "all the little things I let bother me" really caught at me this morning. The main word being let. I do that too. I let things bother me when I should just let them roll right off. I think I'll focus on that this week. Thanks.

  9. Lovely blog and great photos. I loved David's article and I agree with what he said. I only stay on FB because of a few creative groups that I am in and they are part of my creative support system. I do love Instagram, but the creative groups have a true connection. Now regarding some of the other stuff that gets posted on FB I could easily "unfriend" some people that post about their every move through out the day. I mean who cares really.

  10. Listening, learning everyday.
    Hope your summer school is full of sweet moments for both of you.

  11. I feel like Deb, I found you again. And so much goodness. The new blog is grand and now I am off to catch up.

  12. I'm jealous of your time for reading!! I'm doing good to hop over here once in a blue moon these days. Even if I don't hop off and read the articles, I enjoy reading what you thought about each one, and I love your photos, of course.