tolerating purple

i've been fighting something for three days, in the way of migraines,  and finally tonight, i feel a bit more "normal." hormones, pinched nerve {from curling into a ball while trying to stay warm at a freezing concert} my kyphosis acting up, poor sleeping posture…ugh. it truly could be any of those or something i haven't even thought of yet, but i'm praying i'm over the hump. 

i want to share this post with all the moms out there and this post with all the women out there, since i love to share the things that grab and hold my attention, which unfortunately can be few and far between. the other day i started a new book. after page one, i closed the cover, quietly set it down and walked away. i knew after what, maybe one hundred words, that there was nothing there that could "hold" me. so, any summer reading suggestions? i'd love to hear them.

our son is waiting on some news, which means we're waiting on some news, too. so if you're full of good juju or have super powers you can wield his way or if you can cross your fingers for him, i'd be forever thankful.

last but not least, does anyone know if the photos above are of flowers or weeds? i cut them from a deserted garden and i have no idea what they are.


  1. I loved that article about shaming men, and have shared it onwards. I also love these photos, who cares if it is a weed, it's beautiful! The combination of clarity yet gentleness of the pictures is stunning.

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, but it's good you are improving now. Best of luck to your son!!

    As for summer reading, I'm afraid I can't help much as mostly I read fantasy and non-fiction, with a little YA now and again. Nothing I'm sure that would suit an intelligent grown-up woman such as yourself :-)

    1. ps, how do you feel about people pinning your photos? Is it okay with you (with credit of course) or you do want people to ask permission beforehand? :-)

  2. love that letter to a newborn... she pretty much nailed it on the head; the other one looked good but a damn pop up kept coming up and asking me if I wanted more love in my life and there was no "close" button and I don't click on things that I don't need to and besides, what the hell kind of question is that.... of course I want more love in my life! :-)

  3. The flowers are Spiderwort. Ugly name for a very pretty flower, especially the white ones.
    They will take over a garden in no time, so many consider them weeds.
    I keep them cut back, and absolutely love them in the garden.

  4. Sending good JuJu... and I have no idea what that is, but it's pretty in purple.

    Now I have to google kyphosis...

  5. Yes, that is a flower, but not sure what.
    Sending good JuJu.
    kyphosis - I have never heard that word, but now I am going to use it when I have my annual checkup in a couple weeks.
    I just kept saying my arthritis in my neck and upper back was acting up. It has been bad lately and wakes me early in the morning with such pain I finally have to get up. Thanks for giving me that word.

  6. You find the BEST stuff! Thank you so much for sharing all your great finds with us, thank you for this blog! I really hope your migraines and any other body pain are all under control!! And my fingers are crossed for you son! Camioblue

  7. P.S. I always click the Anonymous button because for some reason when I click the Google one it says I'm not valid? I guess maybe because I only have a google email and not a google+ account?? Anyway, didn't want you to think I'm creepy. :) Camioblue

  8. just like lisa said above, that's ozark spiderwort, and they do grow like weeds around here, but they are just gorgeous lining the ditches along the country roads. i picked one while i was out running one morning and brought it home to root. the flowers are gone, but the roost are really taking off. hoping to plant it in my wildflower garden next spring.

    hope your fee better soon!

  9. Sending good juju and fingers crossed.

  10. Hope you got the good news you were looking for. You might try Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar for some hilarious, light summer reading.

  11. It's been eons since I've actually held a book and read it. I do download unabridged books on tape - very nice for me during my five month sojourn in India. Bollywood films, which I used to watch at home, are impossible for me here since there aren't subtitles. I am determined to learn some Hindi during my stay at home - I fly out Dec 3, back to India May 5.