there's a kiln in my neighbor's backyard and i'm guessing it's very similar to what the air outside feels like right now. stifling. hot. sultry. call it whatever you want and hate it with a vengeance if you must, but i don't mind it. seriously, it doesn't really bother me. you know what does bother me. snow bothers me. so summer, with your warmth and so many other things that i love. you win. winter. you lose.

i hope whatever you do this weekend, it fills you to the brim with love and hope and wonderment. oh who am i kidding. i hope it's filled with brats and juicy burgers and your favorite drink to wash it all down with. wait, and cheese curds. fresh squeaky cheese curds, too. you can't forget the curds!!


  1. Snow doesn't bother me, but sub-zero temperatures most definitely do!
    It's very humid here now too, but I know what's coming in just a few months, so I am enjoying every moment.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Next house, FLA????

    Enjoy the summer joys, Honey!

  3. I have never had a cheese curd. Really.

    And my new drink on those sultry summer days? I am not much of a drinker, but the occasional quencher comes along that I really enjoy... OMG the gin and tonic with a lime. WOW. Beefeater gin, to be exact. at 49 years of age, how did I never savor this before? ....

  4. Ok I can go with it all, but cheese curds? Don't think I have ever had one.
    Yes! Summer - No! Winter.
    Loving your photos of summer too.

  5. Oh man, what I would give for some fresh cheese curds! Need to make a pilgrimage up to Lambaugh.....

  6. I'm all about summer and everything that goes along with it, but the humidity and heat we've been having is getting pretty old by now. I'm ready for what I call Open Window Weather: sunny days with temps in the 60's and low 70's and not a speck of humidity in sight.

    And honestly? What is a cheese curd? Are they anything like cheese straws? I they are, then I could do some serious damage to a few. : )

  7. Cheese curds! I wish we had them in Texas!

  8. You can never forget the squeeky cheese curds. Yum.