taking it all in

we only have two weeks left here in our tiny temporary town, so i'm absorbing as much of it as i possibly can. when the day comes to move, i plan on waddling away like a water filled sponge, having soaked in as much goodness as i can possibly carry with me.

down the road from us…actually everything here seems to be down the road from us…is a beaten up garage filled with discarded pieces of weathered {maybe once loved} junk and garbage begging to be taken away. while wandering around inside, there were smells that could have stopped me, but as a photographer i have learned to get past the fact that perhaps raccoon poop is filling the crevices on the bottom of my shoes or that at any moment a bat could come flying out at me, especially when i can see something beautiful. something unloved and sitting all alone. obviously, this car was all of those and more. can you even imagine the stories it holds. my dad will love these photos.

just as beautiful and without a possible raccoon poop hazard, is this butterfly above and the building below. the building is getting a makeover and we have fallen in love with it. if it wasn't already owned by someone, i think we'd be inquiring as to how to make it ours. the bottom will be a store front and there's a 2 bedroom apartment above. this photo is actually the back of the building. 

we often play around with the idea of "what if we did have a store front…what would sell?" and then the dreaming begins. so dream with us and tell me, what would you sell if you had a store front?

happy labor day weekend


  1. LOVE the butterfly photo - the rich, buttery yellow of the flower against the velvety fawn of the butterfly's wings.

  2. oooh, I do love that old car. What a gem. I did have a store front for a while. I sold locally made pottery, jewelry, candles, soaps, photography, purses, wood carvings, lotions, scarves, blown glass items, stained glass pieces, paintings, quilts, local honey, spices and rubs, oh it was wonderful. The most wonderful part was meeting so many creative minded people and helping customers find the perfect gift for someone.. or themselves!

  3. Love, love the car photos.
    I have often dreamed of such a building where I lived upstairs
    and had a tea shop down below. A place where life slowed
    down and people came to sit a spell, read, and sip a cup of tea.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. If I had a store with a place above (which would be so lovely! I've lived above shops before and enjoyed it) I would have a comfy, cosy old-fashioned teahouse.

  5. I would've loved to have taken pix of that old car. What a find! Hope you're having a happy weekend, Beth!

  6. Happy long weekend, Beautiful Dreamers.

  7. yes, the car photos are so good!

  8. I have been the shittiest blogger ever...LOL. Great photos! If I had a store front??? Good coffee, and a bunch a cool trinket things you never knew you needed until you saw them!