last august our daughter left for australia…for nine months. we had never been apart for more than six weeks, so obviously it was hard and tears were shed, but this was something she wanted to do so we supported her with everything we had. surprisingly, those nine months flew by for all of us and when she returned with her newfound beautiful wings, we smiled. what a gift she had just given herself. 

then, october showed up and so did retirement. after years of moving with a corporate ladder always in front of him to climb, my husband was done. finished. and this is where, to the surprise of many, there's a big smile on my face. "is he driving you crazy yet since he's home all the time" is what was always asked when we mentioned his retirement. we laughed about it and yet had to wonder…what? is retirement supposed to be hard? on me? on him? well if it is, it's been maybe the easiest hardest thing we've ever done.

in march we sold our house and in may we moved to a fabulous rental apartment in a tiny town forty five minutes away. we've moved before. a lot. but no matter how you move, where you move or when you move,  A MOVE IS A MOVE.

then in june, we started building. every waking moment we have, has somehow been focused on or associated with everything new house related. it's exciting and frustrating and overwhelming all rolled into one big "carpet-drywall-tile-hardwoods-plumbing fixtures-door hardware-paintcolor-counter tops-cabinet-lighting" fur ball. the kind of fur ball that even the cat who hacked it up walks away while signaling, "there's nothing to see here folks…just keep on walking."

if you're still reading this, you've already figured out what comes next. yep, another move. ahhhhhnoooooother move. move number sixteen. in twenty nine years.

the experts say that a move, retirement, a death, building a house, a divorce, a new baby, a child leaving, issues with in-laws, etc. are some of the biggest stressors anyone can go through. i wonder what they say when you have five of those stressors happen to you in one year?


  1. Oh I hope it isn't too stressful, but I have heard from others how stressful it can be to build a house.
    It will be so exciting when you move into your special house. I can't wait to hear more. How wonderful
    and delightful your new surroundings will be when done. Then what, new adventures to dream on?

  2. I'm smiling because I remember how many times my family moved before I was the age of ten. I'm 72 now, and intend to stay right where I am! :)

    Wish you well with the new home!

  3. Hoping you've been able to build the house of your dreams and that all the stress has been worth it. :)

  4. While this is stressful to the maxi, your family is obviously one that thrives on change. May this next transition bring you and John to a sweet sweet place.
    Love, light and lots of deep breaths, Beautiful!

  5. That IS a lot of stress for one year. I know you'll be glad to have it behind you, and enter a time of rest!

  6. oh my goodness, that is a lot of stress, but i bet you can turn it on it's head and make it fun. : )
    as far as retirement and my husband goes, i can not wait till he's home all the time. i'm forever trying to get him to play hooky and stay home with me during the day. good luck with everything!

  7. if anyone can handle all that, it's you. i saw your husbands birthday wordle, so i know just what everyone thinks of you… which is exactly how i do… and they're all right. strong and organized were on that list! you'd have to be both to get through a year like that. and creative, imaginative, generous, dependable and thoughtful can't hurt either. heck… all the words are good traits for a year like that. so it's not wonder you have gotten through everything so far… and will do for what is to come. so excited for your new house. you definitely need to update us on everything!! i will be one who's waiting for all the details. i bet it will be pretty great!

  8. oh… and what a perfect photo for this post. it's precious, and should be enlarged and hung on your wall as a symbol for all that the two of you have weathered. love it!

  9. Life is a chapter book and you have definitely turned the page. Love the photo!