randomness to the nth degree

the fields are ready for clearing and the leftover, unchosen and forgotten corn looks sad. remember not being picked for a team in gym class for a simple game of dodgeball or badminton. i imagine that's how the corn feels. if it could feel. or maybe it feels lucky that it wasn't picked and sold at a farmer's market. unless of course its family was all picked and sold at the market and he was the only ear left behind. well then that would be really sad. obviously.

my sleep patterns are a bit off. can you tell?

i used the word "cold" today as in "holy crap it's cold out here" as i walked by my brush wielding hubby in the garage as he was busy painting the mid-century looking bookcase for me that i fell in love with at the flea market this past weekend. as i filled my car with target returns, feeling all cozy in my sweater, jeans and a scarf {always a scarf} and looking at my hubby still wearing shorts and not succumbing to fall's little gift of briskness, i thought dang it. fall is winning and very possibly what could have been coyotes squealing last night in the woods behind us was probably instead just summer getting the crap kicked out of it.

anyhow, so there i am in the return lane at target and a woman walks by me wearing the same down land's end winter coat i have lived in for the past eight winters, while behind me, a girl in her twenties is wearing shorts and a t-shirt looking like she just finished volleyball practice. when i left the house, my phone said it was 50 degrees and my clothing option for running errands felt spot on, but now i feel the need to take a poll. what would you wear on an overcast 50 degree "welcome to fall" morning?

are you watching the blacklist? the voice? anything else i should know about?

anyone want to go out shooting with me tomorrow? i think it's going to be a gorgeous day and lord knows i have a very itchy trigger finger. snort.


smudging and bouncing

with my last post giving a bit of an update on where we are house wise, tours were requested and believe me, i so badly want to welcome all of you into our home, hand you a cup of tea, show you the things we've done to make the "white box" ours….but not quite yet.

we have still had sub-contractors "working" almost daily. painters, carpenters, landscapers, ge repairmen, electricians…you name it, they've been here. so when the day comes when i  feel like we've made some progress other than finishing or fixing things, the tour will begin. in the meantime, the fight with our builder continues. so if by chance, you have or hold any kind of magic anything, especially if it can direct karma, throw some our way, pretty please. on that note, has anyone "smudged" their new or old home in order to get the bad juju out?  please enlighten me.

the bees are on crack. have you noticed? or is that just a wisconsin thing in the fall?

i'm seeing a new chiropractor and i like him. i have been in pain off and on for years now, even after physical therapy and finally i said "enough." after my exam, he told me, "well, you're a project alright and lucky for you, i like projects." in other words, i'm a mess. visit number two is in a few hours and i can't wait to see what he does this time. all i know is that when i leave any kind of doctor's office and they're smiling and saying, "oh that was good" the bounce in my step is a little bit bigger and obviously   bouncier.


we'll remember this fall

technically around here, it's fall and the day our movers arrived, it rained all day. it wasn't a hard rain. instead, just a constant drizzle just to remind us all that mother nature does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it and that that day, she was not sending any sun our way. luckily for us, our movers are wonderful and they did everything they could to make our moving day go smoothly.

so here we are, almost a week into our move, and because i truly believe that i kick ass at this move thing, i actually know where everything is. all of the boxes were emptied and gone by tuesday, laundry has been done, closets and drawers have been organized, offices have been set up, loads of unneeded items and clothing were dropped off at goodwill and the food pantry's clothing/home center and even though the walk-in closet in my studio looks like i'm ready to create, my camera bags are sitting all hunched over and staring at me with very sad and lonesome eyes.

even though we're "in" there are still sub-contractors working all around us. when they have things to finish and work on outside, i'm fine, but letting anyone in to fix/change/replace/finish the never ending list of items inside, i cringe and hold my breath. then i pray that they don't ruin/break/scratch something that was fine in order to fix what wasn't fine, as this has been the story of this little home's life. call it the domino effect, the black cloud or murphy's law…as all of them fit. if i were to write a book regarding our building  process, you'd be all excited to read it, but the pages would all be glued shut when you went to open it and somewhere on the back it would be printed "that's not my problem" or "it was like that when i got here" and you'd be left with an awful feeling in the pit of your stomach similar to have just been punched there.

so we move foreword, as there's nowhere else to go, hoping and praying that soon, we'll actually feel at "home" so we can sit back, put our feet up and say, "ahhhhhhh" while we toast to the future. as far as my camera goes, i think maybe tomorrow we might be able to have a date. i hope she still likes me.


finding the light

earlier this summer, i was lucky enough to get to chase this little guy around for an hour. he was running from me and i was running from mosquitos. we had a blast and my ninja like relaxes were tested... shoot, swat, run, repeat. i kicked butt.

seriously, he was a doll and i was thrilled to be out shooting a moving target instead of another crumbling {love them to death} old abandoned building.

the truck he played with during out shoot belongs to his grandpa and since i am a confessed flea market {and basically anything old and rusty} lover, this pretty much melted my heart. how is it that every little boy automatically knows how to make motor sounds perfectly when you give him a car or truck to play with? 

update~our new house is almost ready {2weeks late} and building it has been a full time job. there are so many stories i could tell you, but i'd just get all worked up. so for now, instead,  i'm staying a bit quiet while i try to  practice gratefulness and not rip any sub-contractors to shreds.