finding the light

earlier this summer, i was lucky enough to get to chase this little guy around for an hour. he was running from me and i was running from mosquitos. we had a blast and my ninja like relaxes were tested... shoot, swat, run, repeat. i kicked butt.

seriously, he was a doll and i was thrilled to be out shooting a moving target instead of another crumbling {love them to death} old abandoned building.

the truck he played with during out shoot belongs to his grandpa and since i am a confessed flea market {and basically anything old and rusty} lover, this pretty much melted my heart. how is it that every little boy automatically knows how to make motor sounds perfectly when you give him a car or truck to play with? 

update~our new house is almost ready {2weeks late} and building it has been a full time job. there are so many stories i could tell you, but i'd just get all worked up. so for now, instead,  i'm staying a bit quiet while i try to  practice gratefulness and not rip any sub-contractors to shreds.


  1. such a cutie! congratulations on the house.

  2. He is adorable, and these photographs are wonderful!

  3. I hear frustration every time I have a friend building a house. Take care and good luck with the move.
    Oh, he is a cutie. He reminds me of my little D. Yesterday I chased him at the park, what a delightful
    experience to watch him round up the other little ones to run and scream. He is in love with all trucks
    and tractors and plays with his grandpas tractors when he comes over. He can identify a backhoe from
    a dump truck and a cement mixer too. He loves them all.

  4. He is adorable, Beth, and what a fun time you all must've had together! : )

  5. What a cutie!! Praying all the subcontractors keep their heads and that the project is completed ASAP!!!