randomness to the nth degree

the fields are ready for clearing and the leftover, unchosen and forgotten corn looks sad. remember not being picked for a team in gym class for a simple game of dodgeball or badminton. i imagine that's how the corn feels. if it could feel. or maybe it feels lucky that it wasn't picked and sold at a farmer's market. unless of course its family was all picked and sold at the market and he was the only ear left behind. well then that would be really sad. obviously.

my sleep patterns are a bit off. can you tell?

i used the word "cold" today as in "holy crap it's cold out here" as i walked by my brush wielding hubby in the garage as he was busy painting the mid-century looking bookcase for me that i fell in love with at the flea market this past weekend. as i filled my car with target returns, feeling all cozy in my sweater, jeans and a scarf {always a scarf} and looking at my hubby still wearing shorts and not succumbing to fall's little gift of briskness, i thought dang it. fall is winning and very possibly what could have been coyotes squealing last night in the woods behind us was probably instead just summer getting the crap kicked out of it.

anyhow, so there i am in the return lane at target and a woman walks by me wearing the same down land's end winter coat i have lived in for the past eight winters, while behind me, a girl in her twenties is wearing shorts and a t-shirt looking like she just finished volleyball practice. when i left the house, my phone said it was 50 degrees and my clothing option for running errands felt spot on, but now i feel the need to take a poll. what would you wear on an overcast 50 degree "welcome to fall" morning?

are you watching the blacklist? the voice? anything else i should know about?

anyone want to go out shooting with me tomorrow? i think it's going to be a gorgeous day and lord knows i have a very itchy trigger finger. snort.


  1. I am watching The Blacklist. Funny, because it's not normally my kind of show. It's hard to follow sometimes, so I just sit back and let the story unfold. That said, I don't know if I'll continue watching it. Also done with The Voice. Pretty much done with TV unless it makes me laugh. Have fun shooting tomorrow!

  2. I watch very little tv. Dr Who, Survivor, reruns of Friends for the fifth time. I also watch Extant because it's so incredibly ridiculous, I like to poke fun at it. I don't even know what the Blacklist is, sorry.

    It's spring here and utterly, ravishingly gorgeous weather.

  3. 50 degrees most definitely I would be wearing a pretty Fall scarf. Just because it is Fall! We have a warm Indian Summer coming to our area in Northern CA (back to the low 90's) and I was just getting excited to wear something other than Summer clothes.

    As for shows....We have the Blacklist on the DVR to watch.....I'm mesmerized with Outlander (read the books ages ago). Trying out some new shows as well...some working some not.

    If I was nearby I would gladly go photo shooting with you!

  4. Another favorite right now is Outlander!!! Omygosh, have you heard of it?!! A co-worker friend told me about the books and that they were coming out with a series on Starz....I decided to try the show first & I'm hooked! Can't wait to read the books! (last time I read the books first & then saw the movie I was really disappointed by the actors that they cast...that might sound crazy-but they looked so different in my imagination!) ;)

    Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your blog! It is now set as my home page when I first open my web browser....there are so many sad, horrible things going on in the world and I can't even stand to read the headlines, so I asked my sweet hubby if there was a way that I could just make YOUR page my main page, and he did! :) Thank you!

  5. I guess somehow it cut off part of my note...(maybe it was too long?) We are watching The Blacklist, I/we love, love, love it!!! And like the first lady mentioned (Gail) it's not normally my kind a thing? I was a really surprised last season that I liked it so much & I didn't have any idea that I like James Spader so much! We also love the Voice! Blake & Adam are of course super entertaining and I've loved Gwen forever! She and Pharrell are SO SWEET!!

  6. Well, neither one of us like the white thing whose name we dare not speak. So I'm in jeans, at least a sweatshirt (maybe a fleece and possibly a jacket) and definitely a scarf. Shorts? Really?

  7. How I would love going out with you to shoot pictures.
    You must be on the edge of town with woods and coyotes.
    Yesterday I ran out to the post office not thinking about
    needing a sweater, then I looked around at the people in
    line and realized I should have tossed on a sweater. It was
    a bit chilly. Still haven't succumbed to socks, but I know it is
    coming. Socks is my last resistance.

  8. Oh wow, wish I lived closer!

  9. Weird to be experiencing my first Florida fall. No colors but days shortening. An unusually raining Sept. apparently. Missing boots, scarves and sweaters a little but I think I can wait until December or January for them ! ;)
    Hope your shooting day was a treat !

  10. Wellll, it's nearly 90 degrees out and I'm praying for cooler weather. I sure miss the "real" change of seasons living in Los Angeles.

    I'd probably be dressed similar as you if it was 50 and fall-like. I'm a big scarf wearer and prefer to pull on skinny jeans and boots whenever I can.

    The Voice is shaping up to be a nice looking season. I really like Pherrell (sp?) and Gwen. They lighten up the vibe and it'll be fun to see how they coach.

    Can't wait to see the flea market find!
    xo jj

  11. I love the photo of the corn on the stalk. Reminders of growing up in the Midwest and signs that Autumn had come with Winter close behind. Each year I looked forward to the first time I would wear my new coat that had likely been purchased in August. We are still waiting for the season to change. I know it's coming soon.