smudging and bouncing

with my last post giving a bit of an update on where we are house wise, tours were requested and believe me, i so badly want to welcome all of you into our home, hand you a cup of tea, show you the things we've done to make the "white box" ours….but not quite yet.

we have still had sub-contractors "working" almost daily. painters, carpenters, landscapers, ge repairmen, electricians…you name it, they've been here. so when the day comes when i  feel like we've made some progress other than finishing or fixing things, the tour will begin. in the meantime, the fight with our builder continues. so if by chance, you have or hold any kind of magic anything, especially if it can direct karma, throw some our way, pretty please. on that note, has anyone "smudged" their new or old home in order to get the bad juju out?  please enlighten me.

the bees are on crack. have you noticed? or is that just a wisconsin thing in the fall?

i'm seeing a new chiropractor and i like him. i have been in pain off and on for years now, even after physical therapy and finally i said "enough." after my exam, he told me, "well, you're a project alright and lucky for you, i like projects." in other words, i'm a mess. visit number two is in a few hours and i can't wait to see what he does this time. all i know is that when i leave any kind of doctor's office and they're smiling and saying, "oh that was good" the bounce in my step is a little bit bigger and obviously   bouncier.


  1. I feel it's been like forever and a bit more that I've read your beautiful words and seen your amazing photographs. I miss you lots and I'm sending my favourite "bad juju" eraser your way. Just kidding I do not own such a thing, but if I did you'd already have it.
    Hugs tons of them and loving energy sweet friend xo
    Did I mentioned I misses you ?

  2. Haven't smudged, but it sounds like a good idea there in Wisconsin
    and the "white box".
    Oh my physical therapy and chiropractors! Hope it helps! I went to PT
    last month and it got worse, so requested an x-ray and the doctor was
    surprised my neck was a mess. Now off to a neurosurgeon, hummm?
    Happy Days!

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  4. There are many ways to cleanse a home, from smudging to prayer. It depends on what your spiritual path is and what elements work best for you. Its popular (trendy?) to work with smoke but some people resonate better with water. So holy water sprinkled through rooms would work. Or blessed dirt. Or a plant in each room to draw in negative energy. Or sweeping everything out the door. Lots of ways. Best of luck with physio, I hope it works and I hope you are able to settle in and make your house a home soon. Blessings.

  5. I think smudging with sage and juniper is wonderful. Sage is clearing, juniper is protective. I know you are sensitive to smell, so that might overwhelm you. It can end up smelling a bit like Woodstock might have, but I do believe these plant energies are powerful and work to clear the juju and protect the space - if using both. Love you! I bet it is beautiful, like you.

  6. these are some really spectacular photos, Beth! The bee one gives me the willies though. The water dripping off the berry is so serene yet has so much energy.... love em all!
    Please look into cranial-sacral therapy or myofascial release. Amazing stuff.... truly.... your chiropractor should know about

  7. When ever I see the word "working" in quotes about contractors I feel your pain. sometimes "work" is a very loose term.
    I sure hope the tide changes for you and things finish up correctly and just the way you want it.

    I've had success with a chiropractor in the past. Sending good vibes your way to some relief!

    xo jj

  8. We'll eagerly await the tour when the time is right and the hostess can catch her breath and welcome us in her own time! Meanwhile, I wish you luck. I'll be dealing with contractors soon -- and hoping that this time is a new experience!

  9. beautiful fall images and yes, eagerly waiting for a tour.

  10. The bee pictures are unbelievable! So impressive! I can only dream of some day taking photos like this! I hope, Beth, that you share pics of your home once it is complete...and peace to you while on this journey. It sounds stressful.