we'll remember this fall

technically around here, it's fall and the day our movers arrived, it rained all day. it wasn't a hard rain. instead, just a constant drizzle just to remind us all that mother nature does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it and that that day, she was not sending any sun our way. luckily for us, our movers are wonderful and they did everything they could to make our moving day go smoothly.

so here we are, almost a week into our move, and because i truly believe that i kick ass at this move thing, i actually know where everything is. all of the boxes were emptied and gone by tuesday, laundry has been done, closets and drawers have been organized, offices have been set up, loads of unneeded items and clothing were dropped off at goodwill and the food pantry's clothing/home center and even though the walk-in closet in my studio looks like i'm ready to create, my camera bags are sitting all hunched over and staring at me with very sad and lonesome eyes.

even though we're "in" there are still sub-contractors working all around us. when they have things to finish and work on outside, i'm fine, but letting anyone in to fix/change/replace/finish the never ending list of items inside, i cringe and hold my breath. then i pray that they don't ruin/break/scratch something that was fine in order to fix what wasn't fine, as this has been the story of this little home's life. call it the domino effect, the black cloud or murphy's law…as all of them fit. if i were to write a book regarding our building  process, you'd be all excited to read it, but the pages would all be glued shut when you went to open it and somewhere on the back it would be printed "that's not my problem" or "it was like that when i got here" and you'd be left with an awful feeling in the pit of your stomach similar to have just been punched there.

so we move foreword, as there's nowhere else to go, hoping and praying that soon, we'll actually feel at "home" so we can sit back, put our feet up and say, "ahhhhhhh" while we toast to the future. as far as my camera goes, i think maybe tomorrow we might be able to have a date. i hope she still likes me.


  1. I definitely admire your energy and drive to be basically unpacked after only a week! We still have some major organizing to do in the garage and my studio is definitely a work in progress after three months! You put us rookie movers to shame, honey!
    So glad your new house is slowly becoming your home. Wishing you many many sweet memories and lots of laughter there. Big love to you!!!

  2. Any chance we'll get a tour? Congratulations and many happy memories for you to be made in your new home. :-)

  3. I can imagine how hard it has been. Congratulations on the move, best wishes!

  4. Enjoy the date! How I would love to see this little cottage/house.
    Does it smell new? I am imagining that. Does it feel like home yet?
    Does it make you want to dance? Enjoy and celebrate for sure, you
    deserve it.

  5. Congratulations on finally getting the move in gear. I'm sure you will settle soon! Happy camper!

  6. Congratulations on moving. Not everyone has problems with building a home. I had wonderful, trustworthy, skilled tradespeople. This was a stick-build home in 2009 in a tiny rural community. Hope it's smooth sailing soon and all the kinks worked out.

  7. Oh - you've done it! I haven't been out to visit for some time and it's great to hear about all the changes. Good luck with making the place your own. It will all be fine some day ~

  8. Hi Beth, Nice to see you again!

    I've been gone so long that I didn't realize you'd moved and I'd been missing your posts so I went hunting for you! This is a lovely new blog and so much is happening in your world!!!

    I read all the way back to the terrible storm you were in and -- whoa! That's some very scary stuff. So happy you and your husband are safe and your daughter was texting you warnings. Phew.

    Happy belated 50th birthday and a big congrats on your most recent move and not landing in jail for strangling your contractors ;-) Both are a challenge but you're a pro at it and I'm guessing your new home will be fabulous.

    I so wish my husband would retire but it's doubtful that'll ever happen. Our plan was for me to retire and he'd follow a year later. that was 5 1/2 years ago and he hasn't budged. I yiyi. I've stopped bugging him and regretting I'd retired. It took me a while to find my retirement groove but I'm happy now. I hope your hubby is too.

    Now that I've found you again I'll be back often.
    xo jj