friday randomness including nips

we finally watched part two of the hunger games…catching fire…and wow.wow.wow. it left us hanging and wanting more and now we're anxiously waiting for part three. yesterday we went to the theater and watched the skeleton twins. it was really good and considering it's hardly been advertised by word of mouth or with previews, i guess that makes it a "sleeper" that you should add to your netflix "i want to see this when it's available" list. you can thank me later.

my mammogram results came back and everything is fine. in fact, they were back in record speed, as in the next morning and i'm guessing that was the technician's way of apologizing to me. if that's the case, i'll take it.

speaking of breasts, can we talk about south facing nipples for a minute? please tell me you know where i'm going with this…please. okay fine, i'll spell it out. i'm not sure how many women over a certain age have nipples with a mind of their own and whether or not we can blame it on gravity or nursing babies {which is my excuse} or both,  but hike those nips up already. 

i walked by a woman at the grocery store earlier this week, who appeared to be my age and had just come from yoga or the gym and through her tight lycra/spandex or whatever fabric those tops are made out of, her nipples were below her boobs and facing south. i'm sorry, but that's just not where nipples belong. so please, for the sake of women everywhere and the pride we have in being the stronger sex, wink wink, take two extra seconds out of your day and manually grab those wonderful boobs of yours, settle them gently in your bra or your yoga top and give them a view, by making sure they're looking out and even a little bit up. believe me, they'll thank you.

now i'm off in search of the "perfect" pair of jeans. i hear all the time that they exist, but i've yet to find {okay maybe once years ago} absolute perfection in the denim i wear. sure, i have had some favorites that still reside in my closet and unfortunately with just the wrong move or a sneeze, due to being so loved and thread bare, could fall apart and right off of me and onto the ground, but were they ever "perfect?" hmmmmm, i'll have to think about that for awhile. anyhow, i hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with the amazing colors and air that only fall can bring.


  1. So glad your results were good! Also, you make me smile. Also, your autumn treasures make me happy, in an ever-so-slightly Florida girl jealous kind of way ;)

  2. Haha, your nipple rant made me laugh. I can't stand to see that. My mother wore the worst supporting bra ever and I was constantly telling her that her girls needed a lift. She wouldn't hear of it. I guess whatever floats your boat.

  3. You are a hoot and I love it…..yes the girls do need some extra care once in a while. We need to remember all they have been through and give them the support they deserve….So glad you got a good report…Have a great weekend….

  4. you're funny! I don't have to worry about which way my nips face b/c when you are as flat as I am, they really never go anywhere :)

  5. Horray for good mammy news! And horray for bra's. And booo for perfect jeans because they are more elusive than a Sasquatch..

  6. Glad to hear you didn't have to wait long for the mammogram results.
    Laughing at the south pointing nipples. You say it so funny.
    Now for me I only buy my jeans at J.Jill because I can depend on their fit.
    I need some new ones two, in fact I need a couple pair; but instead today
    I bought myself a Christmas present. Nothing particularly expensive, but
    it was my jeans money. I bought a Fuji Instant camera. It looks like something
    Mickey Mouse would carry and I think I will love playing with it.

  7. I'm glad all is well with your mammogram. I live in GAP jeans, boot cut. Love, love them. Happy hunting.