just don't

i don't really have any words tonight as i sit here typing which is unfortunate. i think if i did have some, they'd be really really good and keep you glued here for hours. or not. snort. anyhow, i did come across a quote yesterday on facebook that i fell in love with and the funny thing is i don't remember loving it then as much as i do now after reading it a few times.

speaking of reading something again and maybe again…do you ever read a book you loved the first time, a second time? this was a discussion at my sister's house last week after i said i had just re-read "the language of flowers."

movies are a given. i watch them once, twice, thirty seven times if you're talking about "dirty dancing," but books?? come on, share with me!!

and now the quote i fell in love with…

"don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your soul according to fashion. rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.

frank kafka


  1. Love, love the quote.
    I don't often re-read a book, but the Language of Flowers is one I have saved to re-read.
    Oh so good is that book. I do re-watch movies more than books. I have one on my pile
    right now to re-read before we travel again.

  2. Was trying to decide if I was going to the beach today or staying around home, nesting a bit since my mom is coming on Tuesday for her first visit.
    Think I may just go with my intense obsession and head to the sea...
    Love you. Miss you. Happy Weekend!

  3. That is a quote that really says something and makes you come back to it and then you get a little more. The photo is in that same realm- beautiful!

  4. I love the last words...Something to keep in mind. thank you Beth

  5. I love that quote. It fits right with the 'be yourself...' quote, which I know you also love. I used to read books over and over, but time is so limited now that I try to read new ones. However, I just re-read one from my childhood that I had been trying to find for forty years, and finally located in an online bookstore. My son bought it for me (because, wouldn't you know, it's a collector's item!) It's called "Cousins". Still a sweet story.

  6. I love that Kafka quote and your beautiful thistles
    and always your yummy words:)

  7. Oooooh that's a good quote.

    I recently reread The Grapes of Wrath for the 3rd. Hated it in high school. LOVED it as an adult.

    xo jj