the shower comes alive

in our new house, we chose a random patterned marbly looking swirl for the tile in our bathroom and every morning while i stand in the shower under the streams of hot water trying their best to wake me gently, i wait. eventually, the walls come alive.

there's a gangly "none of my limbs are coordinated" running cow with an oversized adams apple next to a very a muscular arm holding a penguin's head. near the floor is a little pigeoned toe boy hailing a cab. sitting on top of the little boy's head is a gigantic slug with bunny ears and above him is a lobster claw and a friendly flying bat. the hearts i find are laying sideways and last night after almost a month of being surrounded by my imaginary world, a deer appeared. i honestly hadn't seen it until last night. somehow the light coming from the setting sun, while the full moon waiting impatiently dressed and ready to impress all of us, had fallen perfectly and i stood there almost dumbfounded to think the deer had waited this long to come out and play.

the past few days, fall has rebounded after a cold scare and is doing a gorgeous dance making us get up and out and join her. this winter, i'll be hibernating and reorganizing our "moved twice in four months, whaaaaat?" lives, so now is the time to just soak it all in…parks, leaves, apple orchards, fallen walnuts and acorns and pinecones…i love it all. oh, and sweaters. you can't forget about the sweaters. i bought my first one yesterday with some wool in it. i have been believing for ever and ever, but not knowing for sure that i'm allergic to wool…so keep your fingers crossed for me. it's a really cute sweater.

yep, i'm being sneaky here a little bit in case you were wondering. these are the stools at our kitchen island and the top photo is the light fixture above our dining room table. i'm still not ready for a whole house tour, but little snippets are fun. happy weekend everyone a day early!!


  1. this made me smile... love all the pictures you see. it's freezing here today, but the sun is shining and fall is wearing her most colorful dress!

  2. That apple photo...omg. And I love sweater weather...but only from Oct - April. ;)

  3. First of all, I just love your imagination!
    That first photo I thought for sure was in your shower.
    Love the chairs, but are they comfy?
    Oh of course that apple sings to my heart beautifully.
    Clouds just delight the soul. Thanks for all you share
    and we will sit patiently waiting for the tour.

  4. Well i am surely enjoying the snippets. your taste in decorating is one I have started leaning toward.. modern utilitarian lines... after so very many years of -country- . Not cutesy country, which I can't stand, to be frank. In an 1830's house.. that's kinda hard to pull off :-) I look forward to more -snippets-

  5. I was hoping for a sneak peak and I'm LOVING what I've seen here-- Those chairs... that light!
    xo jj

  6. What do you sip before you take your shower ?
    Your snippets are such a tease ! Your new home must be so beautiful ! Can't wait for more !
    Kind of missing the whole beauty for fall thing. So wierd that I spent my birthday at the beach here in FL, where it was 89 degrees and I went swimming all day. Especialy whe it has been known to snow on my bd up north. Liking parts of it but missing peeps...
    Enjoy the slowing down, soaking it in, and claiming your space. Big love to you @

  7. Our fall in the PNW has been stunning and I agree is pulls at us. Your photos are amazing and I hope the sweater works. Can't wait to see more of the house.

  8. It's looking lovely over there -- and a bit brisk! Keep cozy!

  9. I love those bar chairs! Can't wait to see more! You made me laugh describing what you see in those tiles. Growing up we had ceramic tiles with swirly patterns in them, and I remember sitting in the bathtub with my imagination going wild. Glad you're getting some delicious weather and I hope you're not allergic to wool! I am, but if I wear something between it and me, I can get by with it - for awhile.