too early

winter for almost all of us has come too early. i look at the weather map and know that i'm supposed to be somewhere else but here, but i'm not sure where. i heard the scraping this morning. it was 5:18 when i looked outside to see men shoveling our sidewalk, the driveway having already been plowed. through my squinty eyes that were blocking the brightness from the street lights reflection off the snow covered grass, they looked miserable.

i have new snow boots with furry tops, warm socks, twelve scarves and eight pairs of mittens and gloves and of course a long down coat that has kept me warm for almost nine years, so in regards to my closet, i'm ready. mentally, i still need some preparing.

so i think it's a good day to stay inside. tea and fuzzy socks sound like perfection to me. oh and chocolate, too.


  1. My reader is full of posts about winter this morning. It seems as if it came to everyone in America overnight :-)

  2. Even though we don't have snow, we have the cold and I can relate to your words as I am still looking for August and the end of summer. Where did it go? I have enjoyed what has seemed like a few days of fall but winter already…Not possible. I guess we can be physically prepared for something and not mentally….sounds like we are in the same boat these days….

  3. Most definitely, chocolate too! :-)
    This is a wonderful photograph.

  4. The weather reports I'm hearing are brutal. I'm for the unusually warm tee-shirt weather at Thanksgiving not freezing temps and snow shoveling. Yike.
    Fingers crossed it's just a fluke and it warms back up again.
    xo jj
    PS LOVE the shelving in your office with your fav things :-)

  5. i like it. my day was without snow but i did have wine and a fire :)

  6. Glad you can stay inside with fuzzy socks and tea.
    It has been colder than normal here, but predicted to warm
    up in the next day or two. Liking staying inside. Are you
    dreaming of Florida? I think maybe it is cold there too right

  7. Beth I love love love your image, the focus the color is outstanding. This type of photography just oozes beauty. I think you are ready for Old Man Winter. Just thinking out loud wonder why they call it Old Man Winter, maybe because we think of him with a long white beard? Or no that is Santa. :) Anyway I ponder the meaning. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I hope the winter for everyone isn't as bad as last year, but it's off to a dangerous start for the Northeast. I get too restless being inside for days so I have no doubt I could not move back to a colder climate without becoming an unhappy soul. It looks and sounds cozy, the hot drinks and warm socks and all. But the outside calls to me and charges my batteries. Stay warm!

  9. i wouldn't blame you for looking for a warmer spot to spend wintertime. didn't take me long to acclimate to texas' non-winters. :)

    good to see you again, beth! stay well. stay warm. stay happy!

  10. I couldn't agree more. I am SO not ready -- even now.