wishing…and wishing again

whenever i find milkweed pods loosening their grip on their seeds, i gently gather them in my hands, put my face towards the sun, stand quietly with my thoughts for a few minutes and then make a "deep from within my heart" wish. this year i made the same wish i made last year, hoping maybe this time it will come true.

it's sometimes hard to send a wish up into the universe if the wind isn't playing along, but throwing them at least releases them and for a few moments gives my heart hope that their drifting and dancing will take them in the right direction. 

seems a bit silly maybe to be sharing my fall "release of the seeds" photos now that winter is here, but honestly in my heart, it's still october. winter came too early this year for everyone, so before the snowy photos eventually show up here, or indoor photos of my winter hibernation skills which include  lots of  drinking {hot tea of course} and chocolate devouring, i thought maybe a few more "wow, our fall was spectacular this year" photos would make us all smile.

everyone love a "fun-guy"
happy weekend


  1. i hope your wish comes true ... sometimes they take their own time ...

  2. Love the selfie and all I could think of is a lot of butterflies will be so happy.

  3. I saw another blog post today about milkweed. Funny, I've never seen them open up, spilling their seeds and floating in the wind. I like the plants because they attract the beautiful Monarch butterfly which enjoys our northern CA setting.

  4. I hope winter leaves early, since it rudely arrived so early! I hope your wishes come true, too.

  5. I don't think I have ever seen such beautiful milkweed pods or known to make a wish when releasing them.
    I will have to remember. Ohhhhh, that last photo of the mushroom is just gorgeous. I do love photographing
    them too.

  6. Hey Beth - I'm glad you wrote your post today asking if we had seen where you went! I've been gone for too long and would have missed seeing it for - well - who knows how long!! Love your site name. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! SD

  7. I do love the milkweed -- and I especially love the photos of you bidding it forward!

  8. I do hope your wish comes true this year my friend....love your photos.....