don't lose you

where is everyone? 

the blogging world seems quiet and lonely lately and i have no room to point a finger. guilty as charged. i think this time of year especially, people get inwardly quiet as the days get fuller and louder and demand more of us and that's okay. we all do what we can in ways that work best for us and if there's anytime to be a bit selfish, i think it's now. this is the season to give and give and give and i think giving to yourself first is a priority. otherwise there's a tendency to drown in disappointment, stress or simple busyness. so don't lose you while you work so hard to make the holidays everything for everyone else. permission granted. you're welcome.

in other news…
~please tell me you're watching the voice. 
~i could live on almond bark and pretzels right now. {the best almond bark is at target}
~i'm painting a huge canvas for our family room and no i'm not a painter.
~this time of year, i want to make everything in a crockpot and i mean everything.
~my hubby is now a volunteer at the food pantry with me and i love working with him.
~i'm collecting quotes for an art project next summer.
~we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in 20 days.
~i suck at exercising in the winter.
~i've been living in fleece lined leggings.


  1. Yes I feel the quietness too, and the loneliness. I have a different perspective from you on the "giving" part ... although not about the self-care part :-)

    Alas, I can not abide The Voice.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!! Much happiness to you both for the next thirty years.


  2. Yes -- and I love Damien and the guy who was last on Monday night's show: what's his name? And 30 years: I'm impressed. Had my former husband not strayed once too often, my 30th would have been celebrated last January.

  3. I have been thinking the very same thing....everything sure is quiet in blogland but I too have not been very faithful to my own blog....I think your suggestions are excellent and I intend to try to do the important things and not fret over the little things....

  4. Oh, please send me some of your fave crock pot recipes. Little Miss M just got on gymnastics team... Yay and suck all in the same breath. I'm gonna have to pull out that crock pot I have never used and get it together with 3 hour practices 2 days a week. Yikes!
    Can't wait to see the final painting :-)

  5. -Yes, we are trying to follow along but I can't remember their names even though they are all amazing.
    -And blogland...it's quiet. I still love it and read, but don't post as much because it's hard when you feel as if no one is out there listening.
    -Crockpot. In full agreement. :)
    -LOVE to see that painting when you're done.

  6. Yes, I have been quite busy preparing, but after this next weekend my feet are going up and I am going to do something special for me. Yes, watching the Voice, aren't all the guys soooo good. I would have a hard time choosing. I must bring the crock pot out soon. Headed for the store for a pot roast, thinking yummm in the crock pot. I still go to the gym, but missing this week because of busyness, but back at it next week. So that's where I am, so glad you are still here. Noticed Kinfolk Magazine had a retreat in Wisconsin and thought of you being nearby.

  7. Yes, fairly quiet. I do find I have been busy- and happy that it is warm enough for me to want to go and be actively engaged outside of the house. The talent level on the voice is astounding- I feel like I am at a concert! 30 years- is also astounding- early Happy Anniversary!

  8. My blog has been abandoned since November. I doubt if anyone even checks it any more. Miss that connection and those friends a lot. Thinking on whether I want to re-vive it in the new year...
    Watching the Voice - Awesome singers ! Loving it !
    Just started Christmas shopping yesterday. It doesn't feel like Christmas ! I will surely get a dose of reality when we get off the plane in Montreal next week ! We have all decided only gifts for the kiddos. All about the people around the tree and not the things under it. Appreciating that !
    Also appreciating that I put socks on for one of the first times yesterday. And that the sun sets at 5:30 here and we are almost at the shortest day. Florida rocks the winter but is a little lame on Christmas. ;)
    Sending love to you and John and thanks for all the gifts you bring to the world !

  9. I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one neglecting blog-land. Part of it is it's raining and dark all the time so I'm not taking many photos I want to share. The house is decorated though, and my crock pot is getting a serious work out, as well as the oven. I want beef veggie soup and cookies every night. Exercise? What's that? The voice...YES! Always.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Oh, I love the voice. Chris is from Pittsburgh (me too)!! They are all amazing. It's been grey and foggy here. I kind of miss snow....having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit thing. I really should get my crock pot out and make some soup. Maybe some homemade bread? Who am I kidding....homemade bread...that's what Panera is for!

  11. I picked up a copy of Artful Blogging yesterday at our only indie bookstore in town. I was immediately drawn to the photo on the cover of the weathered white buildings. Very much my style of photography, at least for the moment. Then I read the article that you wrote, lovely and I see myself in a lot of that. Encourage by the fact that you have gone through a variety of blogs of our own. I think it takes a while to find the right fit and we do change as we journey down the creative path. So wonderful to have discovered you and look forward to reading more.

    The blogging world is quiet. I know I have limited time to write and even less time to read others which I feel bad about but my daughter is home from college and she takes precedent, since she is gone most of the year. We make the most of the time that she is home. The Voice! I can hardly wait for tomorrow night. Such a nail biter this year, everyone is so good, but of course I have favorites. It will be sad when the season is done.

  12. Happy almost anniversary!!!! 30 years. WOW, that's big.

    I was thinking the same thing about Blogland lately even though I've been MIA so much this year. I'm afraid a lot of bloggers have stepped away for good which makes me sad. and it feels like there aren't as many new bloggers join in either (or at least I haven't found them). I'm hoping things change after the holidays.

    The Voice!!! My sweet guy-- the one with the hat-- got the boot last week :-)

    xo jj