i think i can see you

a tall dark and handsome fog, holding hands with a somewhat mystery date, better known by her stage name as misty drizzle have moved in. i'm not hearing any complaints though, as they are warm and at this time of year here in wisconsin, warmth is beyond a beautiful gift.

yesterday we did what everyone does this time of year. we shopped. well kind of. gasp...and on a saturday no less. i think we must have accidentally taken crazy pills instead of vitamins, as shopping and saturdays never go together in our book, but you know what? we survived and actually enjoyed ourselves...and, my christmas shopping is officially done. now if you're wondering if we went to the mall. oh hell no. now that would have been just pure craziness…but target did reach out and grab us as we were heading home and since we found a close parking place, we decided it was meant to be. besides, i really needed a padded envelope and lightbulbs. 

wondering…are you a good morning america person or a today show person?


  1. My daughter and I wandered our beautiful downtown yesterday. She needs ideas for me, I guess I am hard to buy for. Spending the day with her is all I really need though. Why must we always attach trinkets to love at Christmas? Mall...I definitely agree HELL NO! We will go during the week, less crazy people there then and maybe a parking spot to be obtained. I have just a couple little things to get, but for the most part I am done.

    I use to be a Good Morning America person but the better now I position myself on the treadmill at the gym that is between the two programs so I switch back and forth. Whatever the better story is at the moment.

  2. Neither. Ann Curry episode, Josh Elliot left GMA in strange circumstances. Both are no longer News oriented, especially GMA. I watch CBS now.

  3. I am neither type of person. All I ever watch on tv is Survivor and Madam Secretary. I love that fog, so beautiful!

  4. "...better known by her stage name as misty drizzle..." That is perfect!

    I watch The Today Show which feels more like a giant NBC/Universal promotional machine but I've watched them for years. I still kinda miss Katie Couric and Ann Curry.

    xo jj

  5. Those two blanketed the area here today. I prefer the fog over the drizzle.

  6. Don't watch tv in the mornings, except on Sunday and then is is Good Morning America.
    Love the fog and your photo is wonderful. Good for you for being done with shopping.
    I just need to grocery shop and going to the market is even a bit scary at this time of year.
    The post office had me captive for about an hour today as the line went out the door. Got
    it done and proud of myself for patiently waiting.

  7. I am from Canada, and we are currently under a blanket of fog and snow. It's beautiful, and I really love your picture. Thank you. I don't watch either of those shows, so I guess I can't answer those questions.

  8. There was fog here in FL yesterday morning. In two days, I will leave my warm for the Great White Northern cold. Feels strange ! So glad my peeps will be there to keep me warm and that I will be back to Florida winter in just a bit !
    No morning shows for me! Tv needs to stay off during the day so I get stuff done.
    Congrats on your Voice win!
    Happy Wednesday, Beautiful !