i guess to be honest, i'm always hopeful this time of year. hopeful that i'll actually enjoy it. believe me, being with family is pure enjoyment, but all of the rest…sorry, but yuck.

a man just about hit me today. after loading my car with groceries, i realized that i wasn't parked in an aisle with a cart return, so as i was heading back to the storefront to put my cart away, a man obviously in a hurry, ran through a stop sign…A STOP SIGN IN A PARKING LOT…and almost hit me. at the top of my lungs i screamed, "THERE'S A STOP SIGN RIGHT THERE." he slammed on his brakes immediately realizing now what he had just done. what had just happened. what could have happened.

today was the icing on the cake. the cake, that had only contained materialism and rudeness just a few moments earlier but now contains sloppy hurriedness,  that i just don't want to be a part of anymore.

so now i take a break. a hiatus of sorts. 

i'm anxious to see what the new year brings, how it makes me feel and what inspires me. hopefully it's still my blog and the sharing of my photography and writing. or maybe it will be something else. something new. something different. i don't really know to be honest.

anyhow, all i know for sure, is that i need a breather. 

so, favorite people of mine...i hope your christmas brings to you anything and everything you desire. but mostly, i hope you feel loved. without that, nothing else matters at all.

until sometime in the new year…..


  1. I hope you do come back, I would miss you so.
    I will take a break after Christmas to take care of other
    things here, but I will be back. Have a totally special
    Christmas and break with those you love.

  2. I am so glad you are OK after your almost run over today. Things do get hairy this time of year and so often we forget the reason for the season and forget our priorities. I do hope you have a lovely and peaceful time with family when you get together. I will be anxiously awaiting to hear of your dreams for the new year. Merry Christmas sweet gal....

  3. I really understand the fact of taking a break as I am also on a break from my blog. I think it is necessary to do this, I call mine social media stress but for you it seems to be everyday stress or Christmas rush. Whatever it is our heart and soul just needs to refuel. Your image is just gorgeous, I don't live in a part of the world where I see this and so for me it is a wonderful treat. Hope your holiday is grand with love and goodness. Take care

  4. I like the way the trees appear to be sheltering one another. May you be sheltered and renewed day by day. Blessings for a wonderful Christmas.

  5. So sorry to hear of your "mishap" and glad to know no one was hurt. I totally get you and your need to take a breather. I feel as though this entire year (or two) has been a very LONG breath for me as well. And I'm still left wondering! Hoping you find your peace and path.

  6. Whew. I am so glad you are all right. But yes, a breather is needed. I'm getting a few things done but think I'll probably take my time between Christmas and New Year's not to post, maybe, probably, but to read and catch up on all the posts I missed when I was sick, then traveling, then trying desperately to prep for the holidays. Last night the mall - Rick's shopping not mine -- it was my personal little hell. It's definitely time to chill and revel in the season, however it presents itself.

    I send warm Merry Christmas greetings and wishes for a hopeful and beautiful new year.

  7. take all the breaths you need. and then you come back, okay? whenever that may be. in the meantime, take care, take pictures, take time for you and yours. xoxo

  8. blessings and warm thoughts are being sent your way~ merry christmas from me to you~

  9. Oh I hope you are back since I just found you, but you must be true to you. Christmas is slowly gaining joy in my heart again. After 5 years in retail where it is all about the almighty dollar, it is a slow recovery, but I feel better this year than in the three years since I quit.

  10. That is a beautiful shot! Yes, people tend to (including myself) get distracted during the Christmas season when really it is best enjoyed when being fully present!

  11. Hello Beth. Popping over from the Find Your Word page. I'm so glad you escaped injury. Wow! Tempers and actions around Christmas time! I'm with you with the hibernate feeling, however, I can only see to do that every alternate year in England. These Christmases in Canada are so full of family and obligations that it does wear me out. But thankfully, most of the obligations are finished with now on the 27th...hence more time for finding and reading new blogs. Hope your New Year eve, day are low key and relaxing. If this pressure keeps up mush longer, I might just go to bed by 9pm and damn midnight champagne...lol. :D

  12. I'm sorry you aren't able to find real joy at this time of year... for me it's magical in some ways.. I love the cooking, the gift selecting and giving, the family togetherness..the twinkling lights, especially at night with a snow fall... and the cheer I do see in others.

    Thank God you weren't hit. I bet the man who ran the stop sign felt terrible and was probably a little shaken after as well. We all get distracted and frustrated and hurried.

    Happy, Healthy, Inspired 2015 to all!