or let it go

we're home. we threaded the needle, as some people say, and missed state after state of icky weather. no ice, rain or snow for us…and we even breezed through rush hour traffic in nashville and completely avoided road construction along the way. believe me, we are feeling very blessed and very lucky.

then today, it snowed. a spitting and biting cold snow. {wait, did she just say a cold snow?} if you live in a place where winter is really winter and it snows, you talk like this, because honestly, there is such a  thing as a warm snow. and if you want to get really fancy, there's also a wet snow and a dry snow, but hey…you probably already knew that.

does anyone besides us listen to today's comedy radio on pandora? can i just say that my face still hurts from laughing so hard…literally, for hours and hours. if you ever have a long drive, to like anywhere, please take my advice and listen to…jim gaffigan, mike birbiglia, louis c.k., demetri martin, dane cook, john mulaney, john heffron and don friesen just to name a few. with that said, if you have littles in the car with you, this station unfortunately won't even be close to appropriate. i'm sorry. but hey, you can always sing "let it go" with your littles…for the tenth time. it will be almost the same thing.

and last but not least…the voice the voice the voice...which just started another season….is so much better than american idol. just saying. oh, and the train wreck also known as the bachelor…oh my days, i am so guilty of watching it…and laughing…out loud.


you can't jump and not smile

this is emma. her wedding photographer mama let me take her photo.
how many ways can you spell "amazingly adorable?"

i can't stand it…so many amazing jumpers this year!
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mardi gras in seaside

 this sweetie was determined to "bead" her brother. 

thank you to these girls who laughed during their whole jump session
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then there was little guy, who loved giving strangers the beads he had collected.
lucky me to be a recipient!
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birds, boats and bits of old

i'm not sure the anatomy of pelicans, but a bit of throat clearing looks kind of gross painful.
{even the pelican in front of him seems a bit disturbed by it}

old washed up boats get me every time.

is it possible to take too many seagull photos? ummm, no silly!

we missed the oyster boats coming in, so i found this to photograph instead.

a family of seagulls considers this old and no longer used oyster boat home.

does anyone know what these are? or what they were?

and similar to the seagull question above….NO, you can never take too many pelican photos.


simply this

to the most amazing jumpers ever…thank you thank you thank you!
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"just laying here watching everyone shop at the farmer's market….woof"

timing is everything

"just a tiny crumb. anything. you must have something for me. see how cute i am. please"

when the day is done and my knees hurt from riding my bike and my feet hurt from walking and the fresh air has made me exhausted and the sun has gently colored my cheeks and the seashells have all been washed and are laying out to dry, i look around me in awe and feel beyond grateful.


happy endings

this is not an area for unbroken shells or starfish, so you can only imagine our surprise when we came across this amazing, still very much alive{and perhaps trying on his very own to get back to the water based on the imprints in the sand}creature. as we got closer, its little feelers were moving, so we threw him back in the ocean and watched, although i'm not exactly sure what starfish do in the water. i mean when you throw a fish fish back, it swims away, but a starfish…i don't know…do they crawl? well, eventually we lost track of him as the waves pushed and pulled against the shore and so my thoughts are that he made it back home just in time to have dinner with his family. 

what can i say…i like happy endings.