simply this

to the most amazing jumpers ever…thank you thank you thank you!
{all of your photos are on my facebook page}

"just laying here watching everyone shop at the farmer's market….woof"

timing is everything

"just a tiny crumb. anything. you must have something for me. see how cute i am. please"

when the day is done and my knees hurt from riding my bike and my feet hurt from walking and the fresh air has made me exhausted and the sun has gently colored my cheeks and the seashells have all been washed and are laying out to dry, i look around me in awe and feel beyond grateful.


  1. Lovely photos. I really like the sense of peace in the last one.

  2. Cool shots! The dog is awesome and your jumping shots are always super fun.

  3. Your photos are stunning. And so are you? Xo

  4. Beautiful post Beth, love all the soft tones of the b/w's and oh that sunset.

  5. Love all of your photos, but your captions make them priceless. xoxo

  6. Yes, your photos show that gratefulness.
    The bird is beautiful. Always love the jumpers.
    And the sea just speaks to my heart.

  7. They are all special in their own way. Serene, joyful, happy.