buy the candy already

i just left a comment on a blog about how i've been chasing the light lately…and then strangling it, kidnapping it and forcing it {ninja style} to stay with me all day because darn it…spring was here and she was all pretty and nice and smelled like fresh dirt and then she got rudely pushed to the side when winter decided to sashay back into the picture, completely forgetting that his dance class was over weeks ago.

in the last two days, we have killed caught two mice. they're field mice and for some reason they really like our screened in porch and the bird seed buffet we have set up for our feathered friends. i'm really hoping that it was only madge and her lovely beau, ralph pooping on my porch and that they didn't have time to even think about leaving us babies to deal with…or aunts and uncles…or siblings. for anyone wanting to tell me that i'm awful for killing them, well…spiders and mice. nope, not in my house. ever.

this is marla. we met her and her family in florida. she's a 12 week old blue great dane and oh lordy, she stole my heart.

working at the food pantry never ceases to amaze me. the other day, a client brought in photos from a storage unit that had been cleaned out almost three years ago and wanted us to save them for him in hopes of finding the family they belong to. i looked at the photos, found a few names from a town an hour from here, took a photo of a wedding photo with my phone and posted it to facebook. within an hour {from a friend, to her friend, to her brother} the family had been found. i just got off the phone with the woman i'll be meeting tomorrow, who was the bride in the wedding picture. it was taken forty seven years ago and she is beyond ecstatic to get the photos back. i see things like this on facebook all the time and to be part of a reunion like this, well…it's really something special.

lately, i've been listening to this and eating this. it's the little things, like being able to stand on one leg just because you can, that makes me happy. 

oh and one more thing...i laughed at the moms in the easter candy aisle today at target because they all had this sheepish look on their faces. listen moms everywhere…"it's okay to buy candy for yourself at easter or any other holiday." stand proud and tall. grab two bags just for you if it makes you feel like a bunny bad ass. life is way too short to feel guilty about buying bags of candy at target...and while you're at it,  move over two aisles where the "bare feet" big bottles of wine are on sale for 9.99 and throw a few of those in your cart. wow, now you're like a black belt bunny bad ass.


where are your parents at?

i'm still editing photos from florida and when i came across these, i had to laugh. like many of you, i choose a "word" each year to guide me, instead of making a new year's resolution and when we're at the beach, i love writing my word out in the sand.

i had just finished scratching my word into the wet sand with the end of a seagull's feather, when the curious little munchkin above came running over to see what i was doing. instead of being gentle and timid and patient while approaching a stranger like how i remember my children were at this age….she giggled, walked right through my word and then ran away with a little bounce in her step like, i used to have a brother but he looked at me once so i ate him. actually, i do remember my daughter having a very similar bounce…once or twice.

so i moved down the beach a little and started over, determined not to have any thoughts that took me down a path believing that a four year old was trying to tell me something like…"your word sucks lady…you should have chosen lollipops or circles instead." i added the flowers and a leaf just for fun and just when i finished, the waves came up higher than they had been…and once again, i felt like someone was trying to tell me something….something along the lines of your word still sucks. 

anyhow, reclaim is staying put! i love it. i love why i chose it, i love that it feels right and i love that it makes me think. if i had let someone or something make me "quit" on it, well…then i wouldn't have been using my word and that's like giving up on a new year's resolution and well, i don't give up, people. i'm a fighter!!


someone somewhere

so often i wonder why i photograph what i photograph and i have to believe it's the same reason for all of us…"because it caught my attention." 
kind of like "art is in the eye of the beholder" right?

it never fails that the day i don't have my long lens with me, is the day that i need it. we stumbled upon this cormorant and slowly, silently i made my way towards him with hopes of not appearing too scary for him and surprisingly i was able to get really close…with ugh,  my 50mm lens. if only…if only i had had my long lens. oh well…next time. in the meantime, enjoy my very cropped photo of this funny diving bird.

the sayings below were found last night in some of my very old notes, in a very old writing folder, tucked in between other notebooks, scraps of paper with drawings on them and empty journals that have been pleading with me for years to have stories written in them. with a new month starting today, something stirred inside me and well, i hope you enjoy them.

"until the really great stuff comes along, do the not so great stuff. the not so great stuff almost always leads to great stuff eventually, whereas doing nothing pretty much leads to nowhere."


"someone, somewhere is better off because of something you've done."