someone somewhere

so often i wonder why i photograph what i photograph and i have to believe it's the same reason for all of us…"because it caught my attention." 
kind of like "art is in the eye of the beholder" right?

it never fails that the day i don't have my long lens with me, is the day that i need it. we stumbled upon this cormorant and slowly, silently i made my way towards him with hopes of not appearing too scary for him and surprisingly i was able to get really close…with ugh,  my 50mm lens. if only…if only i had had my long lens. oh well…next time. in the meantime, enjoy my very cropped photo of this funny diving bird.

the sayings below were found last night in some of my very old notes, in a very old writing folder, tucked in between other notebooks, scraps of paper with drawings on them and empty journals that have been pleading with me for years to have stories written in them. with a new month starting today, something stirred inside me and well, i hope you enjoy them.

"until the really great stuff comes along, do the not so great stuff. the not so great stuff almost always leads to great stuff eventually, whereas doing nothing pretty much leads to nowhere."


"someone, somewhere is better off because of something you've done."


  1. Oh this post is yummy, warm and oh so Bethie!

    I am definitely better off by something you have done, Brave One. Love you!

  2. I love to see the photo of the manuka flowers, I've long wondered if you have those trees there.

  3. Even with only the 50mm it turned out very nice and great post from the bird. Time to start filling the notebooks.

  4. Were all the photos taken in Florida? I like the light.
    Just do for sure and it will lead us somewhere.
    Round and round we go, where we stop no one knows.

  5. long lens or not, there's still a sense of wonder and a thrill when you press that button and get a great shot! click! love the photos~

  6. What a wonderful bird, ready to roll! And aren't you enjoying this warming trend?

  7. Both of those quotes were things I needed today. Thank you.