where are your parents at?

i'm still editing photos from florida and when i came across these, i had to laugh. like many of you, i choose a "word" each year to guide me, instead of making a new year's resolution and when we're at the beach, i love writing my word out in the sand.

i had just finished scratching my word into the wet sand with the end of a seagull's feather, when the curious little munchkin above came running over to see what i was doing. instead of being gentle and timid and patient while approaching a stranger like how i remember my children were at this age….she giggled, walked right through my word and then ran away with a little bounce in her step like, i used to have a brother but he looked at me once so i ate him. actually, i do remember my daughter having a very similar bounce…once or twice.

so i moved down the beach a little and started over, determined not to have any thoughts that took me down a path believing that a four year old was trying to tell me something like…"your word sucks lady…you should have chosen lollipops or circles instead." i added the flowers and a leaf just for fun and just when i finished, the waves came up higher than they had been…and once again, i felt like someone was trying to tell me something….something along the lines of your word still sucks. 

anyhow, reclaim is staying put! i love it. i love why i chose it, i love that it feels right and i love that it makes me think. if i had let someone or something make me "quit" on it, well…then i wouldn't have been using my word and that's like giving up on a new year's resolution and well, i don't give up, people. i'm a fighter!!


  1. Your word doesn't suck, but yes it looks to me like the world is trying to tell you something - the free-spirited joy of the little girl, and the inevitability of the vast and powerful ocean both were agents for the world touching your mark on it, embracing your word, reclaiming it ... Maybe the message here is that you can reclaim with sassy open-hearted joy, and you can reclaim with your own power, and you can meet the making of your own word and your intention for it.

    Then again, I tend to overthink things :-)

  2. i love your word. mine is "quiet", and it has been quietly sneaking it's way into my life, as it should, come to think about it. ; )

  3. You proved it's your word!! The world was just testing to see if you really meant it. :) My word this year is "Embrace", both the good and the bad, because the bad is inevitable and still has something to teach us, right?

  4. Hi Beth! Sorry I've been MIA for so long.
    I just scrolled through your older posts and *sigh* I love your beautiful photos and happy jumping people!
    And I love your 2015 word. It's a really good one... no matter what that cute little squirt thinks ;-)
    xo jj

  5. Ah, Beth, I had so many thoughts reading this post and looking at the photos. First, I love the joy on your face as you greet the little one. It looks like she only scuffed the RE - maybe that's her subconscious recognition of her own front needs in life - she is at a place to CLAIM her life and hang on, growing into it. You at your time/place could be ready to REclaim all that joy, that determination, that fearlessness, that confidence moving forward across the beach, no matter what lays in your way. As to the waves, their endless task is to reclaim the beach. Perhaps they were responding to their own eternal ebb and pull. Gorgeous!

  6. Good for you, you fighter!
    Keep on reclaiming!

  7. You know, I still haven't found my word. The year is 1/4 finished and I don't have one. What's up with that? Scattered, I guess. But - I don't want that for my word.

  8. ahhhhhh....i LOVED this story....especially the "i used to have a brother but I ate him"...
    i am happy that i found you!