hello murphy, i hate your law

we took a long walk today around one of our favorite ponds and with my shoulder feeling a bit needy and weak, i left my camera at home. of course this is where murphy's law always comes into play and if you're a photographer, you already know how the story goes…in fact you've personally written a few paragraphs yourself for the "once again,  i left our house without my camera" book.

watching a blue heron stalk its lunch in a pond is so exciting. watching that same heron catch three fish right in front of you, with the last fish being so huge you can almost hear the heron gulp as he swallows it…is well, fascinating.

so, i don't have any photos of the beautiful heron we saw today, but almost as good are these nature photos i took last week when we were on out driving on some bumpy and winding backroads enjoying a beautiful spring day. not.

oh well…at least today is ingrained in my memory…and next time, shoulder pain or not, my camera will be coming with me. hello camera backpack….why don't i use you for the workhorse you are and free you from the dark closet you're holed up in feeling unloved. ugh...smacking forehead.

ps…in my last post, what i saw was a boar's head…minus the apple usually stuffed in its mouth.


when you see what i see

i love reading blogs and gathering inspiration from the stories, words and photos from others, yet personally i haven't felt like i've got anything to share lately. maybe being a bit blog empty is a good thing, as it hopefully means i'm doing something else so creatively crazy that it's taking me away form my computer. i said hopefully.

last week it was beyond beautiful here and we did what everyone else was doing…soaking it all in. our winter bones have been desperate for the warmth of the sun and i can't even begin to tell you what new ground growth, blue skies and the sounds of happy birds does to me. oh wait, yes i can. it makes me deliriously happy.

anyhow, i took lots of photos while we were trespassing out, not really concentrating on anything specific and when i got home and looked at the photos coming off of my memory stick, this was the one that made me smile the most.

do you see it? do you see what i see?


around and around we go

the weekend is almost here, the sun is shining and our exposed bathroom window now has a frosted film on it so that i don't scare anyone when i shower. i think it's going to be a good day. 

we watched a movie the other night called "wish you were here" with zach braff and kate hudson and we loved it. next on our list to watch is "in time." have you seen either?

my dad just turned seventy five this past sunday and i have to say he is an amazing seventy five. he's had open heart surgery and is on an insulin pump, but honestly, wow…he acts like he's sixty and i can only hope that when i'm his age, i can be thankful for every day and laugh as hard as he does.

if you were to write song lyrics about yourself, what would they say?

today is day two of no gluten and after a bit of research, i truly believe that i am magnesium deficient and have added magnesium powder to my diet and a topical oil spray of magnesium to my skin. if you're looking for me and can't find me, check the tub. i'll be soaking in epsom salt. 

have a great weekend!