from where i sit

i'm sitting in a coffee shop as i type this, which is something i rarely do. 

but so often lately,  i read that "writing" inspiration will likely come to you if you get out of your house/comfort zone and away from your desk/couch and into a different/new environment, so here i am.

i'm down on willy street 
which means absolutely nothing to you 
unless you've been to madison.

the floors are scuffed here and a bit raw like an old gym floor that has never been taken care of and the walls are mint green. sometimes mint green is a tough color to get right. just saying.

there's an old school house looking table in the corner filled with women wearing a combination of pilly cardigan sweaters, round turquoise earrings the size of hula hoops and inappropriate single french braids. they were just joined by a fun loving dread locked wearing man who i'd love to photograph. it's the month of may and he has corduroys on to go with the above mentioned sweaters. 
damn weather.

next to me, the black beaten up leather couch that tends to slouch even when someone gets close to it, holds two girls "catching up," i'm guessing,
based solely on their initial hug and "how are you's?" the one doused in too much perfume does all the talking. she should go home and shower.

the front of the coffee shop is filling up since it's lunchtime, and i think the italian wedding soup and  chicken salad on a croissant sounds delicious. {edited::it was yummy and perfect in every way}


  1. I'vve never been a fan of the "get out of your comfort zone" advice, but I hope it worked for you :-) I love the photo, it tells me stories.

  2. I love getting out of the old comfort zone,,, and, it seemed to work for you. Sort of felt like I was there too.

  3. I don't know how much writing you were able to do apart from your blog at this spot, but I think if you are looking for colorful characters, your wonderful and concise descriptions are terrific and give me a highly visual idea of where you are!

  4. Ok, first off . . . I loved this. Your descriptive writing made me feel like I was there (and so glad I wasn't smelling that stinky perfume).
    Secondly, your image here . . . it is just divine.

  5. loved this...the description and the image.

  6. Your visit to the coffee shop felt like I was sitting there with you, just observing.
    Yuck to the too much perfume! Surprised you stayed for the food.

  7. Coffee shops are good places for people watching but I find them bad places for writing. I always feel it looks like "Look at her, she's writing in a coffee shop." I can't handle writing on display! Blocks me -- although I should probably try it again. Soup sounds good!