empty pages

maybe if i took all the words that i truly believe are living and breathing within me {secretly horrified that they aren't getting used creatively} and threw them in a mason jar and shook them up, they'd come out dancing in a flash mob kind of way all over my empty journal pages and it would turn into the book that i somehow believed i'd be writing this summer.

sheesh. if only it was that easy.

this photo is just a reminder that no matter how normal or stable or simple anyone looks on the outside... inside, buried in the crevices of their hearts and sitting on the surface of the maze that holds their never-ending thoughts, is more than likely instability, regret and a kind of hurt we couldn't even begin to imagine. so let's stop the one thing that is as easy as breathing for most of us... judging people from the outside.

just for today, embrace
  "the dappled light" 
your camera loves to capture photos like this if you just give it a chance. look for the tiny slivers of light  fighting their way through the foliage while out in on a trail or in park. it's nature's perfect flash and you will fall in love with it. i promise.


  1. I definitely fall in love every time I pick up my camera or search for the light.
    Oh yes, a book from you would be a good thing.

  2. Let's stop judging all together, it would be a better world for sure.

  3. If only it WERE that easy...

  4. Love the tip...and hey, BRING ON THAT BOOK.

  5. Hi Beth, just popped by, have been away from blogging for a long time. Good tip about searching for the light.