i wouldn't call it stealing...

i was dressed and ready to go to the grocery store when i passed by our closet mirror and stopped. there i stood looking at myself wondering what in the hell was i thinking. wide legged grey capri "sweat pant like" things, with a tank top and my black tennis shoes. i looked like crap. like someone who was maybe going to go out and dig up dead plants somewhere in the middle of their heavily wooded forty acres where the possibility of seeing another human being would never happen. so i changed.

ADVICE...if you don't feel good with the clothes you've just put on,  CHANGE YOUR OUTFIT. don't save your "good stuff" for that special moment...and something i learned last night…don't be too lazy to change your clothes into something "cuter" when heading out to dinner to sit outside on an eighty five degree night. i wish i'd worn a sundress, but i was hungry {let's go eat now} and tired and i didn't change out of my cute {but not sundress cute} capris and tank. so next time…the whole nine yards! cute sundress, funky earrings, fancy flip flops, a sweet little bag i never carry because it's sweet and little and lipgloss. yes, lipgloss!!!

i've been playing/pinning/drooling/coveting on pinterest again. A LOT and too often. don't judge. hate the game, not the player. WHAT??? you love pinterest, too? you spend too much there, too? we could friends. want to be friends?

ADVICE…do what you love to do and do it now. not tomorrow. not next week or next month. NOW. do you hear me? and if what you love to do isn't what others love to do or you feel stupid admitting to what you love to do…STOP IT. be you. be yourself. stop caring so much about what others might think about you.

i cut a few irises from the park that we often hike/walk/talk/take photos in because, they don't last long at all and i felt like i was saving them, not taking/stealing them and because mostly, they remind me of my grandma ruby and i wanted them in my house.

ADVICE…always have a story prepared in case you need it for the authorities that show up asking about the flowers you just stole. NOOOOOO, that didn't happen and i didn't have a story ready…but i think now, it might be a good idea to always have a story ready. just saying.


  1. You flower-stealing badass, you.

    I always regret not changing my clothes when I head out. One time I scared some children from our school who saw me.

  2. I love your advice so much.
    Happy doing what you love and giving those blooms some extra good loving!
    Love you, girl!

  3. I particularly LOVE the mushroom photo, oh and the others too! But what you said, yes!!! Been thinking that about wearing what I love too. Yesterday when I went for a class to learn more about my new camera, eventhough it was 9AM, I wore something that made me feel good and I had the best time.
    Oh and picking flowers - we use to have a neighbor that would pick flowers from our yard. Finally I just told her, ask first and I will most likely say yes. And she did!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more about dressing to go out of the house! I am so not into this whole athl-leisure phase that our country is in! I just don't get it! Am so glad that you are with me on this one!!!

  5. I went to a gastro pub tonight for dinner and thanks to you, I wore my black maxi sundress and big earrings. I got nice complements from my sweetie! BTW, I would love to know lens specs on your mushroom pic. Lovely!

  6. Great message. I heard a new word for that look last night, a friend of ours saying to his wife as she was going to leave the house for a concert in the park, in her scrubs she wore to work (she is a nurse), "are you wearing that tonight? Yes. Why? Well it looks a little grumpy for a concert in the park" LOL!

  7. Excellent advice on all counts! And I love the fungi! And Iris. I have a thing for iris!

  8. You did it again, touched my heart and made me cry! But, after I could see again to read on, about the irises...I started laughing so loud & hard I'm surprised my hubby didn't come running out of the other room to make sure that I was ok!! Thank you!

  9. We're both on the same page-- I always wear/use the "good stuff". I learned that after the 1994 earthquake and lost a bunch of things I was "saving for a special occasion".

    I'll be planting Irises in my garden! I just recently fell in love with all their gorgeous color options!

    xo jj

  10. I would be tempted to take the iris myself even though I don't have a grandma ruby because I just love irises. Can I borrow your grandma ruby story, just in case? I agree with you on the clothes. I have so many things I never wear. Time to just wear them anyway!

  11. Thank you so much for your honesty and what you said about being yourself in this post. I've been gone from blogging for awhile, now I'm back to finding the blogs I've loved and yours made the list. Keep it up!