well hello there june

no pressure june, but we've been waiting for you. 
please bring us the warmth that we in the midwest covet.
i'm reading "family pictures" by jane green and ohhhhhh, it's a good one.

i'm want "perfume is optional-breathing isn't" printed on a t-shirt.

i'm excited to be in the newest issues of this magazine and it hits newsstands today.

i'm in love with the bird above, but what kind is it?

i'm drinking yummy malibu and pineapple juice, because…well, hello summer.

i'm honestly "the canary in the coal mine"
i'm praying that you take the time to read this
it's the best, most condensed and simple read about understanding what i suffer with day in and day out.

i'm pinning a lot lately. let's just blame it on menopausal five am wake up calls,
because really, who needs sleep?


  1. I don't get to pinterest very often, but middle of the nights are a good time for relaxing the mind sometimes.
    So sorry for your struggles with scents. I am not to your sensitivity, but really I buy unscented on many things and definitely no perfumes. Hope the sun arrives there soon. Now that book sounds like I need to check it out. Right now I am surrounded in black and white circus tent fairy tale of Night Circus.

  2. I was reading my Bella Grace at lunch yesterday, only made a small dent. I love to linger over it. I have the early wake up every summer, so weird. I hope it isn't menopause yet, but I have been doing this for years, so probably not.

  3. I have no idea what kind of bird that is but it's sure pretty...

    5am wake-up calls! Ugh. I know the feeling.

    I'm reading "All The Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr. Beautifully written.

    Enjoy June. I hope the sun has come out and the temps are just right.

    xo jj

  4. I think it's a Black-and-White Warbler. Check it out on allaboutbirds.org.