simply summer

there was a segment on the today show recently that questioned how effective our memories are, due to the fact that we don't have to remember anything like we used to, since everything important to us lives in our phones. one of their questions pointed to the fact that most of us can remember our childhood phone numbers from years ago, even though we probably don't know the numbers of those closet to us that we call daily or weekly. luckily, this is not me…i actually have a ridiculous memory for numbers. 

this past week, three movies threw themselves at me and i have to say, i really liked all of them. they are all very different from each other, but they all held my attention. 1} THE BEST OFFER with geoffrey rush 2} WORDS AND PICTURES with clive owen and juliette binoche 3} THE JUDGE with robert downey jr.

have you seen any of these movies? tell me your thoughts?

i'm reading an elizabeth berg novel, forgetting how much i love her and will devour "tapestry of fortunes" if i'm not careful.  i also just finished "outside the lines" by amy hatvany, a book about mental illness, which was so incredibly good.

i'm not really counting, but there are twenty two more days until i turn fifty one. okay, maybe i'm counting.

all i know is that this means our summer is going by way too quickly and that makes me sad. i love having the windows open, the air conditioning off and the 3 days a week farmer's markets. speaking of farmer's markets and well, fresh tomatoes…is anyone else out there a lover of bruschetta? i've declared bruschetta my "summer pizza" and honestly i could eat it everyday. thankfully my hubby loves it, too and is the king of tomato slicing and dicing. 

i hate to admit it, but i'm still watching the bachelorette train wreck. anyone else care to admit this, too?


  1. I'm glad you're having a sweet summer, Dear One. The fruits and veg are a true delight, aren't they?
    I'm heading north next week to have a bit of that kind of summer and times with my peeps too.
    Life is good and I too am soaking up the juicy!
    Love love love to ya!

  2. no to phone numbers. I don't even remember my own. yes to bruschetta. I created a Swedish / French version with crisprolls as a base and a thin layer of rouille under the tomatoes. delicious :)

  3. I saw The Judge and was truly surprised at how much we enjoyed it. Yup...Bachelorette/Bachelor is a guilty vice I watch with my daughter. It truly is like watching a train wreck this season. Will I be there for the next go round? Yup. :) Enjoy your days, your weekend, your AGE and the summer, my friend. Life's too short not to.

  4. Not familiar with those three films but anything with Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche has my interest! Loving my fruity cherry-packed summer and getting ready to read Elizabeth Berg myself. And yes, I remember that phone number I left behind at age 10. And my grandparents' too!

  5. Our first tomato in the garden is just beginning to ripen, so I am counting the days until I can have fresh garden tomatoes.
    Yes to the train wreck tv show. It definitely is that.
    Haven't seen the movies or read the books, but now they are on my long list.
    Happy Birthday in 21 days!

  6. The movies all sound good. I haven't seen any of them, we tend to watch more movies in the winter. Now I want to make some Bruschetta.

  7. I would love to be able to leave my windows open and not sweat to death! I haven't even heard of those movies, but love the actors, so thank you. Don't watch the Bachelorette, but I'm not judging, and I love Bruschetta. :)

  8. Speaking of "Trainwreck" I watched that movie last night and laughed hysterically-- along with everyone else in the theater! Amy Schumer was beyond funny.

    "The Judge" was a good film too. I think Robert Duval got an Oscar nomination for his performance???

    Summer is flying by too fast. We're doing a lot of (boring) work on our house and I feel pretty "stuck" here with workers. I'd rather be out actually enjoying summer!

    Happy almost birthday!
    xo jj