fifty one feels fine

i thought maybe for my birthday i'd write and share fifty one things about "life" but it felt like a task once i started 1. blah 2. blah blah  3. blah blah blah and a daunting one at that…so instead, this will just be a simple post with maybe a few words of wisdom thrown in here and there.

today i followed my gut. unfortunately and sadly, this is not something i can pride myself in always doing. it has taken years and years to believe that what i feel is worth listening to and following through on and wow, talk about empowering. i applaud all of you who have consistently been able to do this.

i live for the light. i don't care where it comes from or which direction it lands or even if i have to chase it…i simply love it. without it, i feel lost, quiet, lethargic and impatient. have you ever noticed how some people really need sleep, while others maybe really need silence or to be alone often? obviously we all need something and light is my need. well, that and hot tea with a couple of cookies on the side. what is it that you need?

i have been reading some great books lately, which is not normally a summer thing for me, but wow, sitting and reading on our screened in porch, has swallowed me up and i love it. i also love the monthly book sale i go to where the books are usually fifty cents a piece.

"when are you going to see that you keep moving in the wrong direction to get the things you say you really want?"

"wherever we are in the world, we mostly live in the small space between our ears."

both of these are from "tapestry of fortune" by elizabeth berg and are fantastic.

i don't usually take the time to keep words or quotes from the books i read, but obviously the two sayings above caught my attention and now "every last cuckoo" by kate maloy occupies my hands and  with the end looming, i'm a bit sad. it's been so good.

well, the kids are arriving and my birthday dinner is almost ready. it's been a good day. i even painted two pictures that i actually like, which never happens. fifty one…let's do this!!!