i see you fall

three weeks ago yesterday, my father-in-law had a mild stroke. he spent the first week in ICU after enduring surgery to repair the blockage and then he spent another week in rehab. we all feel blessed with how his recovery is coming along and extremely grateful that he was able to return to his own home.

always on my mind is photography and i rarely leave home without my camera bag, but the past few weeks have been a blur and really amazingly hot, so my memory card is sad and lonely. thankfully, i still have some photos from earlier this summer that i can share here.

but as i sit here typing, the weather is changing. fall is literally watching me through the open window on our screened in porch and reminding me how much i adore "her" by sending in a cool breeze every few minutes to brush up against my skin. "hello fall, i see you. i feel you."

i picked up the newest issue of "bella grace" yesterday and as always, it's gorgeous. it's also filled with many new artists, which is like a breath of fresh air. i found it at joann fabrics, which just happens to be in my top five of most irritating stores ever, but i actually got through the store, including the fabric cutting line, without any injuries. i know, right? 

unless you love that store, then you have no idea what i'm even talking about and it would now be your turn to tell me what store or stores irritate you. see, i'm fair like that :)



i really have no idea how august got past me as quickly as she did, but dang it she did and unfortunately with us not really ever getting to know each other very well. so now i have no other choice but to accept that she's gone and hope that september and i can have a longer and hopefully a more in depth love affair that moves at a much slower pace.

do you meditate?
i think i should try it, but unfortunately the words "clear your mind" are words i can't even fathom.

 precious in all of her crookedness, right?

if you know what this "deep bluish purple looks like tiny blackberries" plant is, please tell me.

yup…i'm an aperture lover. 
{sorry, nerd photographer lingo}

and yes, 
this picture was "photo bombed" by a flower. it happens.