i see you fall

three weeks ago yesterday, my father-in-law had a mild stroke. he spent the first week in ICU after enduring surgery to repair the blockage and then he spent another week in rehab. we all feel blessed with how his recovery is coming along and extremely grateful that he was able to return to his own home.

always on my mind is photography and i rarely leave home without my camera bag, but the past few weeks have been a blur and really amazingly hot, so my memory card is sad and lonely. thankfully, i still have some photos from earlier this summer that i can share here.

but as i sit here typing, the weather is changing. fall is literally watching me through the open window on our screened in porch and reminding me how much i adore "her" by sending in a cool breeze every few minutes to brush up against my skin. "hello fall, i see you. i feel you."

i picked up the newest issue of "bella grace" yesterday and as always, it's gorgeous. it's also filled with many new artists, which is like a breath of fresh air. i found it at joann fabrics, which just happens to be in my top five of most irritating stores ever, but i actually got through the store, including the fabric cutting line, without any injuries. i know, right? 

unless you love that store, then you have no idea what i'm even talking about and it would now be your turn to tell me what store or stores irritate you. see, i'm fair like that :)


  1. Love your pics!
    So happy that father in law is doing better. May his recovery continue smoothly.
    Hate the lines at joann's too. I have been known to arrive at the registers see the line and drop my basket and walk out.
    I can't believe fall is here. Missing the seasons a lot. Still feels like Florida summer here, hot and daily thunderstorms. Ready for the ac to be off and the windows to open.
    Sending love your way, dear one!

  2. Your sunflower photograph is just beautiful, and I am glad that your father-in-law is recovering.

  3. lovely pics. I don't like fall too much. still can't believe summer is over already... but I'm sure we will get along somehow. xo

  4. First of all, very sorry about your father in law and I'm glad to hear the recovery is moving along -- that, at least, is a good thing.

    I've been trying to wring the last bits out of summer. I love fall but not what comes after, so I'm all for delaying as long as possible. To that end, I have been a slacker visitor, for which I apologize! I'm barely keeping up on comments to the Gypsy and one good thing about fall is more time for things that I love like connecting.

    I'm none too fond of Joann's either but at least they have stuff I like there. Michael's is somewhat the same but I have to go there to get my Golden stuff. You want to see me go crazy, though, send me to Walmart or a big box store.

    Have a lovely day. I'm off to clean something.

  5. I agree about JoAnn's, such a chaotic disaster here, a place I never go unless desperate. So excited for fall, and we should be shedding our 90's for the 60's by the end of the week. Hallelujah!

  6. Gymboree! They play annoying kid stuff really loudly. (Actually, any place that has music too loud.... Hurts my ADD brain)
    Love the sunflowers :-)

  7. So glad your father-in-law is doing better. How scary. My most irritating stores are large department stores with the perfumey stuff at the entrance. I avoid them as much as possible. No JoAnne's nearby anymore, but I remember them and how slow the people that work in them can be. Gorgeous summer photos, oh but the colors of fall I am delighting in them.

  8. Saying prayers for your father-in-law for a full and complete recovery. How scary it must have been for him and all of his loved ones.
    And the worst store EVER on my list is Toys R Us. It's pure torture. Joann's is definitely on my top 5 list along with Home Depot,
    Mall Food Courts with kids gyms that are dirty (and loud), and Active W judge. Active Wear stores that only have super skinny sales people who judge ;-)
    xoxo jj

  9. I'm glad that fall is treating you well - and your sunflowers are making me smile on a rainy Monday :)

    Hope your father-in-law is continuing to improve❤