i really have no idea how august got past me as quickly as she did, but dang it she did and unfortunately with us not really ever getting to know each other very well. so now i have no other choice but to accept that she's gone and hope that september and i can have a longer and hopefully a more in depth love affair that moves at a much slower pace.

do you meditate?
i think i should try it, but unfortunately the words "clear your mind" are words i can't even fathom.

 precious in all of her crookedness, right?

if you know what this "deep bluish purple looks like tiny blackberries" plant is, please tell me.

yup…i'm an aperture lover. 
{sorry, nerd photographer lingo}

and yes, 
this picture was "photo bombed" by a flower. it happens.


  1. Glad your photography is still bringing joy to the world, dear Beth!
    Meditation is a great tool. The muscle that helps clear your mind needs to be built up, especially with the stressful, crazy world we live in. But it can be such a relief to get to that quieter place once in awhile...
    Sending love!

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  3. Trying again to comment - tried to leave a daisy emoji and ended up with a bunch of question marks, which bugged me - OCD much? ;)

    Those look like Beauty Berries, but I don't know if they grow up north. They grow wild around here. And I love the photo bombing daisy :)

  4. The purple berry plant is poke plant and the berries are highly toxic. From what I understand the leaves can be eaten (southern thing called poke salad) when they are very young. The roots are used in folk magic and I think in some herbal medicine communities. I love your photos.

  5. I can't believe summer is gone. it's not just August that came and went and I somehow missed it. it's the whole season. and yes, I meditate. or I try. there is no clearing of my mind happening however...

  6. Oh I am glad to know what that plant is now too. I had a feeling it was toxic and keep pulling them out of my yard. I have a little one that would put that in his mouth. Love the crookedness, the photo bomb, and I fully understand meditation issues. I have been trying to figure that one out for a long time.

  7. I was going to ask you what the "deep bluish purple looks like tiny blackberries" is, they look yummy but I don't even know if they're edible. Love the photobombing flower!

  8. When I use to do yoga the exercise at end for relaxation, we were suppose to clear our minds. Was she kidding, mine was so thrilled there was nothing else taking up space, so all those crazy thoughts ran wild.

  9. I feel the same way about August...and July...and June... and pretty much all of 2015! Sigh. Here's hoping both of us get better acquainted with September!

    1. i agree barbara….and so far, september is keeping us toasty warm and i'm not complaining!!!

  10. Calm.com for help with meditating...it helps me. I think beauty berries are more purple than blue and vine like