dang…just stop it already

this weekend we turn the clocks "back" in order to "fall" and dang it, that means the days will now feel like oh, i don't know…really short and really dark. okay fine, i know things could be so much worse and that fall has been nothing but gracious this year, but when it starts getting dark so early in the afternoon, my entire body looses its natural rhythm and suddenly mean things i don't want to say, just come spewing out at unsuspecting family members and then those leftover bags of chocolate halloween candy tucked way out of sight and used for emergencies only, well they suddenly disappear causing raised eyebrows and pointed fingers to run rampant through the house. see, daylight savings doesn't really save anything. {laughing}

today i went through my winter sweaters {because i like to torture myself} and declared myself unfit to live in wisconsin. {laughing again} sorry, but i'm cracking myself up as i'm writing this tonight. anyhow, i have to be honest and say i'm not really a sweater girl and here's why. if it's cold enough to wear a sweater, then it's cold enough to wear a coat and sweaters under coats are usually incredibly bulky and uncomfortable. soooo, much more comfortable {to me} are tank tops, with long sleeved t-shirts and then layers. lots of layers including light weight sweaters. and scarves. always, a scarf.

i can't believe i just wrote about bulky sweaters. {laughing even more} it must be bedtime!



this time of year, the shades of oranges, browns, fading greens and yellow…{oh, hello all of you beautiful sexy shades of yellow. busy later?…wink wink}…simply warm me up and steal my attention. honestly, they don't even have to fight for it. they just get it...and thrown to the wayside is everything else. dinner? oh wait, let me stare at the maple trees for a few more hours minutes. time to go home? let me just gather oh, like 500 more leaves {or acorns or walnuts} since i don't want to hurt any of their feelings and leave some behind.

as i type this, i'm sitting in panera. i've read so many times how you need to remove yourself from your comfortable surroundings to put yourself into what it is you're working on, or what it is you want to "fall into" for a few hours. so i'm trying it. without laundry or the television or the country station with all my favorite songs to dance and sing to or lists to write for target or facebook and instagram black holes that suck you down into another world or yet another cup of tea {perfected with the exact amount of creamer and honey} to drink or the construction workers {with their noisy trucks} building another condo on our street to watch, i can just write...and i can just edit photos.


ghost hunting

i walked around the property honestly feeling like just maybe, it was haunted. granted, it was daytime and glorious outside, but still…ghosts don't only come out at night do they?

i looked in the windows and under the porch and was literally a bit leery of a small outbuilding that might have been an old outhouse {but seemed just the right size for storing bodies} but nothing. the wind didn't blow differently and there weren't any strange noises, but still…places like this have to be a little bit haunted, right?

the hunting of the haunted will continue, because old and abandoned buildings and houses are something i simply love to explore. to be honest though, i don't really want a true haunting experience, where i get like scared scared and can't sleep at night unless a light is on. instead, someday when i walk away from an old and abandoned site, smiling and satisfied with the photos on my camera, i just want to know that i wasn't alone.


because they fall in the fall

walnuts . leaves . petals . berries . seeds . pods
they've either fallen to the ground, will fall soon or they're falling at this very moment

{weak, but that's my attempt at being somewhat poetic}

if the men in your life need lightweight sweaters, old navy always has the best options this time of year and they're on sale. you're welcome. 

spotted earlier this past week….ugh, christmas decorations at michael's and then last night…deep breaths...we saw our first christmas commercial. double ugh. i don't know about you, but i prefer my holidays one at a time, equally spaced out and without any kind of overlap to the upcoming holidays.

so right now, there are pumpkins on my front porch which in "my book" means christmas decorations should still be packed up and nowhere in sight.

anyone watching the blacklist? ohhhhh, it's my favorite show ever…
and the voice, lordy what amazing singers this season.

one of those photos that really doesn't belong here, as i'm sure it was taken a few weeks earlier than the rest of them that i'm sharing here, or i just happened to find a still very much alive family of flowers in the fall…anyhow, don't forget when shooting…shoot from your ankles. the photos will always surprise you!

happy weekend everyone!!!


october who?

september was a blur, so hello october. treat me kindly. okay?

i don't go to the mall anymore. i wish i had a great explanation or reason why, but i don't other than i feel like at any moment while being inside one, my head could swell from an allergic reaction and explode. 

so the other day when i had the brilliant idea of going to the apple store {which unfortunately can only be accessed from within our mall} for a new iPhone case, i must have been running a fever {or had some other illogical disease, probably with the same symptoms of simple stupidity} for thinking this outing might be slightly entertaining.

the perfume hanging in the air in the department store that i had to walk through on the way there about took me out, so i'm lucky to even be here typing this, and then...the people. sorry if you're a regular mall shopper who can spend hours in a mall and actually enjoy your time there, but the people. oh lord, the people. i swear, some of them have not seen daylight in weeks. have you seen the walking dead series? well, maybe enough said about that. 

anyhow, i didn't find a phone case, as the apple store has gotten quite simplistic and limited in their ways, but in walking by all the other stores, i realized that as what always happens this time of year, there's a new fashion trend for the fall and i "need to get me some of that gorgeousness." 

but, there's no way i'm going back to the mall to shop. instead, hello you and you…let's be besties. K?

i just finished reading "the shack." did you read it? 
i'd love to have an online book club to discuss this book, 
because holy shit, it needs discussing. are you in?

last but not least, here's were i raise my glass to deb, who is diving back into blogging again and wanting all of us to join her by doing what we all used to do regularly and with so much love and passion….blog.

we all know that facebook and instagram have taken over and blogging has fallen way, way behind, but like deb, i love typing and writing and sharing…and well…blogging has always felt like home to me, too. so here's to more posts, more reading of other blogs and to more commenting.