because they fall in the fall

walnuts . leaves . petals . berries . seeds . pods
they've either fallen to the ground, will fall soon or they're falling at this very moment

{weak, but that's my attempt at being somewhat poetic}

if the men in your life need lightweight sweaters, old navy always has the best options this time of year and they're on sale. you're welcome. 

spotted earlier this past week….ugh, christmas decorations at michael's and then last night…deep breaths...we saw our first christmas commercial. double ugh. i don't know about you, but i prefer my holidays one at a time, equally spaced out and without any kind of overlap to the upcoming holidays.

so right now, there are pumpkins on my front porch which in "my book" means christmas decorations should still be packed up and nowhere in sight.

anyone watching the blacklist? ohhhhh, it's my favorite show ever…
and the voice, lordy what amazing singers this season.

one of those photos that really doesn't belong here, as i'm sure it was taken a few weeks earlier than the rest of them that i'm sharing here, or i just happened to find a still very much alive family of flowers in the fall…anyhow, don't forget when shooting…shoot from your ankles. the photos will always surprise you!

happy weekend everyone!!!


  1. You can almost feel the wind blowing in the third one down.

  2. gorgeous photos. i agree completely about the holiday stuff. the blacklist is awesome. have you tried blindspot? it is really good.

  3. beautiful pictures. and yes, they started selling christmas sweets here quite a while ago already. crazy, no?

  4. Oh yes, falling falling all around, almost like rain. Beautiful captures and yes, The Blacklist as is How to Get Away With Murder are two of my favs, but I am getting a little bored with Scandal and all the will it be Olivia or Mellie by Fitz's side. They need to pick up the pace. I just put the pumpkins on the porch, definitely not ready for Christmas decor.

  5. I am so with you on observing one holiday at a time....why can't we just enjoy the pumpkins for a while before we have to look at santas, reindeer, and heaven I saw a Christmas tree lot going up today.....You have shared some beautiful shots....

  6. Love that second shot, SO MUCH. Thank you for sharing these soft, muted autumn hues - I have a hunger for them this time of year.

  7. Beautiful fall images! Love the dreamy bokeh. I agree with you... I do not want to see Christmas decorations this early. We need to enjoy the season we are in.