dang…just stop it already

this weekend we turn the clocks "back" in order to "fall" and dang it, that means the days will now feel like oh, i don't know…really short and really dark. okay fine, i know things could be so much worse and that fall has been nothing but gracious this year, but when it starts getting dark so early in the afternoon, my entire body looses its natural rhythm and suddenly mean things i don't want to say, just come spewing out at unsuspecting family members and then those leftover bags of chocolate halloween candy tucked way out of sight and used for emergencies only, well they suddenly disappear causing raised eyebrows and pointed fingers to run rampant through the house. see, daylight savings doesn't really save anything. {laughing}

today i went through my winter sweaters {because i like to torture myself} and declared myself unfit to live in wisconsin. {laughing again} sorry, but i'm cracking myself up as i'm writing this tonight. anyhow, i have to be honest and say i'm not really a sweater girl and here's why. if it's cold enough to wear a sweater, then it's cold enough to wear a coat and sweaters under coats are usually incredibly bulky and uncomfortable. soooo, much more comfortable {to me} are tank tops, with long sleeved t-shirts and then layers. lots of layers including light weight sweaters. and scarves. always, a scarf.

i can't believe i just wrote about bulky sweaters. {laughing even more} it must be bedtime!


  1. I am the opposite to you, I have this reaction when clocks go forward. I can't abide summer, and love love love my cardigans. Sorry! :-)

  2. Glorious color in every single way! And Iove the sweaters -- and a good fleecy or downy vest!

    I wonder if Lizzie is going to be bugging me for dinner at 4 now....

  3. As usual, I love each and every photo. I realized a couple years ago that I am not a bulky sweater person unless it is like a jacket or coat with buttons or zipper up the front. Then they can feel just like a bathroom, which is pretty comfy in my part of the world.

  4. I hear you. I don't like these short and dark days either... lovely photos tho. we have to enjoy this explosion of colours before that disappears too xoxo

  5. Sometimes the short, dark days are good when you want to stay in and put on a pot of soup, grab a book, or knit and sip on a good cup of tea but not everyday....I also love getting outside with my boots on and a heavy sweater with my camera. I guess a balance is what I like but the seasons come and go as they will and we are just to adapt. I guess staying in the moment is the answer to all this..just hard to do sometimes....Hugs sweet girl...

  6. I have a super warm winter coat, not a surprise, so I don't need big bulky sweaters either.

  7. But here in NY, bulky and uncomfortable is the only way to "survive" the winters!!
    Did the sweater thing the other day.
    Decided that if it's anything like last winter, I am going to need long undies too. :-)
    More bulk!!

    Have a great week ahead.