october who?

september was a blur, so hello october. treat me kindly. okay?

i don't go to the mall anymore. i wish i had a great explanation or reason why, but i don't other than i feel like at any moment while being inside one, my head could swell from an allergic reaction and explode. 

so the other day when i had the brilliant idea of going to the apple store {which unfortunately can only be accessed from within our mall} for a new iPhone case, i must have been running a fever {or had some other illogical disease, probably with the same symptoms of simple stupidity} for thinking this outing might be slightly entertaining.

the perfume hanging in the air in the department store that i had to walk through on the way there about took me out, so i'm lucky to even be here typing this, and then...the people. sorry if you're a regular mall shopper who can spend hours in a mall and actually enjoy your time there, but the people. oh lord, the people. i swear, some of them have not seen daylight in weeks. have you seen the walking dead series? well, maybe enough said about that. 

anyhow, i didn't find a phone case, as the apple store has gotten quite simplistic and limited in their ways, but in walking by all the other stores, i realized that as what always happens this time of year, there's a new fashion trend for the fall and i "need to get me some of that gorgeousness." 

but, there's no way i'm going back to the mall to shop. instead, hello you and you…let's be besties. K?

i just finished reading "the shack." did you read it? 
i'd love to have an online book club to discuss this book, 
because holy shit, it needs discussing. are you in?

last but not least, here's were i raise my glass to deb, who is diving back into blogging again and wanting all of us to join her by doing what we all used to do regularly and with so much love and passion….blog.

we all know that facebook and instagram have taken over and blogging has fallen way, way behind, but like deb, i love typing and writing and sharing…and well…blogging has always felt like home to me, too. so here's to more posts, more reading of other blogs and to more commenting. 


  1. Oh Beth...I feel so happy about this uprising !!! YES !! and NO to mall shopping !! xo

  2. Hi honey! I am not allergic to those overwhelming scents as you are, but I have a deep aversion to malls. I read a quote somewhere on FB recently that said "I wanted to go out but it was just too people-y out there. " I have adopted that expression now. I feel like a lot of the world is just too people-y former these days!
    I am happy to be joining in the blog land reigniting! Let's see what we can to to bring new juice to our old home.
    Love you so!

  3. Oh goodie, more blogging! I love it when you blog. I just keep reminding myself why I do it and keep on keeping on.
    Not much into going to the mall these days. I sometimes stop by the book store, but I can access that from the parking lot. Icky smells! Tsk! for temptation. I did see something I like on one of those sights you posted. I may end up weakening. Happy Autumn Days!

  4. i laughed and laughed at this - the dreaded mall outing. i feel your pain, girl. like marilyn, i aim for the stores i can access from the parking lot.

    i want more blogging, i get inspired by more blogging. i feel like everyone went away for the last few years. we need a welcome back party.

    yay!!!! smooches!

  5. Keep blogging. Keep visiting. Do not keep going to the mall!

    I haven't been to the mall in eons (apart from when I went to the one in downtown Toronto to kill time). Too big, too stinky. Too many people. Online is a happy place!

  6. I don't go to the mall unless it is absolutely necessary as the internet stores are just fine by me and more variety anyway...And yes more blogging....

  7. amen. I love the good old blogging days too [and hate malls] and can't find the same in Instagram or Facebook. and it's getting awfully quiet and a bit depressing everywhere. so yes, let's keep writing and sharing...

  8. amen! i too miss blogging - and have loved following you and deb both all these years. and yes, while social media is a necessary component in my world (with the distance) i feel like it compresses far too much of the richness of connections that i wished to have. xo

  9. Always a treat to find you here. I enjoyed visiting Deb's site as well.

  10. Could SO relate to this particular post! I have the same aversion to malls and go about twice a year with a particular friend. Definitely NOT during Christmas - holy bejeez.

    Anyway, I did read The Shack - both I and the hubby - several years ago. We both loved it so much that we went out and bought an extra copy to share with friends. I would be willing to revisit the book if you decided to strike up an online discussion group.

  11. I do most of my shopping online these days too - except for very rare forays to the Gap (usually to return something that can't be returned online, haha.)

    I loved the Shack, and yes, it is a very discussable book (is discussable even a word?)

    And yay for the resurgence of blogging! I've been blogging more in the last few weeks - it's nice to know that the blog is there when the words resurface...

  12. Having no mall in my smalltown, I admit to liking to visit the mall in the city once a year or so, but yeah, if there were less people, that would be good. Maybe I could arrange to have it all to myself somehow? I also agree with you how facebooking has taken over blogging, but for me, I always jump back into blogging, even if just for a time, because I can be more honest about myself and my thoughts....my kids and casual aquaintances don't need to know or even want to know about all that. So, here's to the blog!

  13. Ahh, the dreaded mall. I can't stand them either. But I'm lucky-- sort of. The big mall that I usually shopped at, attended movie and dined is being remodeled, which, turns out, actually means torn down, bit by dirty bit. I voice it like the plague!

    I'm with you on blogging. I miss writing and can't stand Facebook. So many people have left blogging that it's a little sad. But I'm glad you and your beautiful words and photos are still with us!.

    xo jj

  14. Oh sister, I hear you. I never go to the Mall anymore, can't even remember the last time. My reason is that if I go I spend money on stuff or clothes that I definitely do not need, if I don't go I save my money and save storage space. And I so agree about the blogging thing. Yes, I think it's sad that facebook and instagram have taken over the blogging world, and like you said, I enjoy the writing part as well as the photography and you just can't do that on those social mediums. So yea for more blogging and more commenting. I have read your blog many times in the past and admittedly have not left a comment, but no more. Comments and blogging more here we come.

  15. I'm so glad Deb started the revival as I get to discover new blogs to love. Even though I feel your mall pain, your writing voice just made me grin.