this time of year, the shades of oranges, browns, fading greens and yellow…{oh, hello all of you beautiful sexy shades of yellow. busy later?…wink wink}…simply warm me up and steal my attention. honestly, they don't even have to fight for it. they just get it...and thrown to the wayside is everything else. dinner? oh wait, let me stare at the maple trees for a few more hours minutes. time to go home? let me just gather oh, like 500 more leaves {or acorns or walnuts} since i don't want to hurt any of their feelings and leave some behind.

as i type this, i'm sitting in panera. i've read so many times how you need to remove yourself from your comfortable surroundings to put yourself into what it is you're working on, or what it is you want to "fall into" for a few hours. so i'm trying it. without laundry or the television or the country station with all my favorite songs to dance and sing to or lists to write for target or facebook and instagram black holes that suck you down into another world or yet another cup of tea {perfected with the exact amount of creamer and honey} to drink or the construction workers {with their noisy trucks} building another condo on our street to watch, i can just write...and i can just edit photos.


  1. Definitely good to get away from annoying distractions if you want to get something done. That is why I write early in the morning, nobody is up to annoy me, and it is too early to do laundry or I will annoy them. Win win.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you removed yourself from your comfort zone and ended up in Panera. And these photos - absolutely delicious, Beth. xoxo

  3. Hello, beautiful girl! I love your photos and words. Did you miss the apples behind that yellow leaf? I would have picked them up and put them in my pockets. Enjoy life's adventure for being home can wait.

  4. I think I might have a crush on that yellow leaf, too ;)

  5. I've never been successful at writing away from my little desk that's piled sky high with stuff but I wish I could-- it sounds wonderful!!
    Love your pics, as always.
    xo jj

  6. Oh yes, all those colors! I want to grab each and every leaf and suck up the color to hold in my heart for those long white days to come! How beautifully you bring our amazing fall to heart!

    Rick works at Panera at least one morning a week -- partly for the same reason, partly to get away from the isolation of home office. He loves it.