no jinxing allowed

i feel like time runs away from me. 
i'm constantly looking at the clock, the calendar and the lack of daylight and wanting an explanation.

but that's life, isn't it?

it's been a foggy, warm and wet december and i haven't heard one complaint, no matter where i go or who i talk to. i don't want to jinx myself, but my big black puffy winter coat…
well, never mind.

we're watching the voice finale' and i want all four of the finalists to win.
fine, whatever. i know i know that can't happen,
but come on, what a seriously incredible amount of talent this season.
so let me make a prediction…
deep breath…



don't blink

i blinked and december arrived and it's not that i wasn't ready or prepared, it was just that i was surprised, i guess. 

surprised by the shy and quiet entrance she made. surprised that she didn't bring loads of snow with her. {and loving her for the fact that she didn't} surprised that it's been so long since i've written anything here and now that i am, realizing how much i miss this space and wishing "the writing mojo" would come and tackle me and hold me hostage. 

i wish i could add, "for like real" at the end of what i just wrote and to be honest, i did, but then deleted it, after a surly 16 year old gum chewing torn jeans teenager popped into my head as the visual that went along with it.

for like real

any who…i guess before we do get the above mentioned snow, even though it's sunny and in the forties right now, i wanted to share these fall {i still have hundreds of them} photos.

the first one is one of my absolute favorites. as we were walking in one of our go-to parks, he {as in best hubby ever. not that i've had multiple husbands to compare him to, but you know what i mean} had to take a phone call and as i walked ahead of him still shooting all the dried up memories of summer, i lowered my camera and shot behind me. yep, i'm talented like that.

then the dried up, let me wrap my arms around you and protect you forever leaves. 
well they just spoke to me as the dried up anythings and every things always do.