no jinxing allowed

i feel like time runs away from me. 
i'm constantly looking at the clock, the calendar and the lack of daylight and wanting an explanation.

but that's life, isn't it?

it's been a foggy, warm and wet december and i haven't heard one complaint, no matter where i go or who i talk to. i don't want to jinx myself, but my big black puffy winter coat…
well, never mind.

we're watching the voice finale' and i want all four of the finalists to win.
fine, whatever. i know i know that can't happen,
but come on, what a seriously incredible amount of talent this season.
so let me make a prediction…
deep breath…



  1. Strange December for me here in Florida. 80s and humid make it hard to be Christmassy! But not complaining.
    For me, Jordan is the winner by landslide.
    Happy December, my friend.

  2. Almost right in the lineup. I am glad Jordan won as I thought he was just incredible. I predicted the right line up but wasn't sure if Jordan would win. I thought maybe Emily Ann would have the fan base to pull it off as the winner. I think this is the first time I have been right on a line-up after 9 seasons. They will all be alright even if the others didn't win. At least I hope so because they all deserve a beautiful voice profession.

  3. Yes, we have summer here in Florida! Which I don't like, but I am glad you all have had a break from the past two or three years of bitter winters.

  4. The right person won! Thank heavens!! Love these photos, so in my color palette.

  5. No complaints here. I got a new puffy coat too. I don't care if I ever wear it. There will be years in the future. Give me green Christmas now! Or at least till the 24th!

  6. I think the Voice turned out the way it was suppose to. Yes, there was a lot of talent this season. Wearing my old puffy coat with lots of rain so far this winter season. There is snow not far away and wondering if it will come my way.

  7. Yikes, I'm a stranger to your blog, but just wanted to check in with you Beth. Your photos are still wonderful, just like I remember. Hope all is well with you.