hello 2016. i've been waiting for you.

i'm not sure i actually ever gave up on 2015, but holy crap. i surely could have.

it was a year that chewed me…us…up, spit us back out and then…well…let's just say i'm beyond ecstatic that it's behind us.

i've been reading blog posts, instagram feeds and facebook pages and actually everyone seems to be opening their arms and bringing 2016 in for a "where have you been all my life" hug, making me realize i'm not alone in rolling 2015 up into the kitchen rug, throwing it over my shoulder, tossing it in the trunk, driving down a deserted country road and finding just the perfect spot to pull over and dispose of it. okay fine. so i watch a lot of murder mysteries, which won't be mysteries anymore, since now you know that the bad stuff is always rolled up in the rug. oh and just to be honest, i could never carry that rolled up rug over my shoulder. but i could drag it.


in the past, oh i don't know, maybe 6 years now, i've been finding a word to carry me into and through the new year {with susannah and hundreds of other women} instead of making a resolution {as we know that those never seem to work anyhow} and now if you're ready…oh the excitement is building now... the word i've chosen for 2016 is…drumroll please…LOVE.

granted, i am so incredibly blessed to love and be loved, so that's not the kind of love i'm talking about. instead, i want love to be the common denominator in everything i do and see and hold and say. i want to really love getting up in the morning and i want to love my dreams and the food i choose to eat and the paths i walk and the words i write and the photos i take and the things that take me by surprise and the clothes i wear. i want to love everything, or at least a whole lot more things, the way i love fresh sheets on the bed and long hot showers and unopened milk weed pods.

that kind of love.

so will that mean i'll do less complaining? maybe. ah sheesh, who am i kidding, probably not. will it mean i'll be more laid back and i won't let the little things get me all riled up? absolutely not. if that were the case, my word would have been patience. duh.

honestly, looking back at what i've just written, it's clear to see that i really don't know exactly what expectations i have of LOVE or even know how it will guide me and maybe that's the whole point and maybe trying to figure it all out ahead of time is possibly the worst thing i could be doing and the biggest waste of time. all i know for sure, is that when i started concentrating on finding my word this year, LOVE jumped out at me everywhere and constantly. for days. i kid you not, it was actually a bit scary.

so here's to 2016 and to LOVE…unless i change my mind. oh the joy of being a woman.

ps…this was my word last year

pss…until i changed it to this

and even with changing my word,  last year was still really sucky. just saying.


  1. i am reading people's words this morning, and you are the 3rd person to choose love. i think that tells us all we need to know about last year. we are all needing some love.

    and ps - a friend of mine on twitter told 2015 he was waiting for its apology. :) still waiting.


  2. Bye bye 2015.
    Welcome 2016 in love. ❤️

  3. Seeing your word there for the first time spread a wide smile on my face. LOVE, even as a word, feels so warm and filled with happiness. Wishing you a year full of love of all kinds! ♥

  4. You are not the only person I know who had an abysmal 2015, so maybe there was something in the water. Here's hoping 2016 will be better! Coming out of difficulty, could there be any other word than love?

  5. Love sounds like a good word to be chosen by. I do love your explanation of it too. Yes, it is more than what we think and paying attention should open even more love around and inside of you. Happy New Year and may it be full of LOVE.

  6. Great post. Awesome word for the year. Mine is Focus. Definitely getting rid of last year and I love a good mystery myself! Happy new year to you!

  7. Great word choice. I enjoyed 2015 for the growth I gained for myself, but I too am ready to move on and see what 2016 has to offer.

  8. love is a beautiful one...carries a lot of power. and good grief does this world need more of it in any sort of way! great choice and may 2016 bring you peace and many lessons of love, friend. warmly!

  9. I haven't got around to writing about it but mine is Listen. Meaning listen to everything including things you feel, not hear.

    2015 was OK for me till near the end but I know you had some challenges this time around. For us all I'm hoping 2016 is a fine year in every single way!

  10. My word is Love this year, too! Also a few other bloggers I know have chosen it, so maybe we're all connected in some cosmic movement. Cool! I didn't realize 2015 was so mean to you, I'm sorry. I hope 2016 plays much nicer!

  11. It's my word too... I didn't go looking for it... it found me.
    Much love to you. I miss you. xo

  12. Since I finally made the decision to retire at the end of 2015, I'd have to say my word is Freedom. Freedom to do whatever I want and enjoy life fully! I promise to get caught up on your posts Beth.

  13. Happy 2016, Beth. I'm glad 2015 is behind me too.
    My word is patience to go along with kindness and compassion that are me words from the previous two years.
    But LOVE is a good word too... maybe I'LL change my mind too ;-)
    xo jj