the corners of my mind

dull and murky like the corners of a very used watercolor tin and then magically changing, becoming lighter and brighter, like someone has thrown water all over it. 

my description of a wisconsin winter sky when the sun fails to shine. 


i'm not sure where my blog is going to take me this year, but i hope it's somewhere wonderful.

unfortunately, it seems that so many bloggers have found instagram and facebook to be easier ways to communicate and where they spend their time writing and sharing and i have to admit, it's easy for me to fall into that same trap. i don't think any of us who are tried and true bloggers want to give up on our blogs, but in a world filled with immediate gratification, it's happening.

this space will always be a "home" of mine no matter what and it's really up to me to decide how cozy i want this place to be and how often i want to open the door up and say, "well hey there, come on inside." i keep hoping a feeling will come over me and that i'll want to rip up all the dull and dirty carpet in this so called "home" and with white painted hardwood floors instead {because that's what i would do in a real house built from 2x4's} you'll find me dancing all around and throwing words and photos all over the place. 

it's this new year, as it's still quite young, i'm not going to put any pressure on myself by declaring anything right now, but what i think would maybe work for me, is a schedule. a schedule that includes two days a week where i have to spend the majority of those days in my office/studio, making something. no laundry or grocery shopping or cleaning or anything else could take place on those days and instead, only creating would/could happen. 

so for now, that's my idea. that's what i think might work...

and at this point, this is my second blog post in ten days, which should be considered a record of sorts, so i think i'm doing okay. oh, and i'm sitting in my studio/office, not on the couch or in the family room, so wow, i just kind of impressed myself. 

ps…the above mentioned cleaning thing. yeah, i really don't hardly clean anymore. sure, i pick things up and the house to the naked eye looks clean, but don't get your face close to my hardwood floors, okay?... and whatever you do,  don't look in the corners of anything. what is it with corners? 

pss…this photo was taken with my iphone 6s. why is it that my big girl camera, my dslr with my beloved interchangeable lenses, seems so heavy and big and awkward lately. remember that immediate gratification thing i mentioned above. guilty. often.


  1. Sounds like you are my twin! Don't look in my corners either. I agree about the instagram bit but I think I like to read the stories more than just look at the pictures and instagram doesn't tell nearly as many good stories as blogs do. I have you beat by 2 blog posts so far since I have 4. I was thinking about a schedule too but haven't formulated a plan yet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do notice that so many of the people who were active bloggers when I first started 7 years are long gone. For me, my blog is my creative outlet. Yes, I post on Facebook and Flickr but it's not as extensive. I hope blogging doesn't die out...I'd miss it. It's also my journal, of sorts, so I would have no way to record and keep all these photos/memories, etc.

  3. i notice and feel the same, beth. but i love the blog space and the stories that are able to unfold there and i am determined to chip away at mine. can't say how often but i intend to and i sure would miss yours if you stopped. buon anno, happy new year, and whatever is said here in japanese! ;)

  4. Beautiful iPhone image and it is a worthy camera. As far as your dslr, I was shooting with a Canon Mark III and still have it but these days it is in the camera bag and I use a Fuji XT1, oh how I love this camera. All the dials my DSLR has but oh so light. My back just wouldn't take the heavy Mark III.

    Like Candace says you have to blog for yourself and no other reason I am totally sure of that. My blog is my journal nothing more and will never be anything else but for me.

  5. Oh girl, we lead such similar lives. Just do the two days a week, you deserve it! I have been holding out on my three season porch all winter thus far. It is my creative space and where I want to be. I just crank up the space heater, grab a blanket and start writing. I agree with you, blogs are still a special place that need to be nurtured. IG and FB have their place, but not enough space to let the real you shine.

  6. I'm not sure I ever see myself stopping blogging even if someday the blog evolves. I love what I learn visiting others and I hope people have fun at Marmelade Gypsy. I'm never sure who's there. I wish everyone commented but not all do -- and that's OK. But I do know that it matters to me to be there and I'm so glad if others find it warm or cozy or interesting or fun. But at the bottom, it matters to me.

    I'm very glad you plan to continue, whether it's a day, three days, a little bit. I worry when people disappear! But I think that's one of the special things about blogs; we build relationships, not just likes.

    And it sounds like you and I clean the same way!

  7. I'm guilty, too. My morning walks used to be leisurely photography hikes - sometimes I carried my bag with all of my lenses! Now it's pretty much a quick jog to the corner with Belle and my iphone. But honestly, they do take awesome photos don't they? I love this one!

  8. Some days I feel like the heavy dslr gets in the way and my mind won't function for blogging. I do miss it though if I skip my regular days. Then I say remember why you do this. I have tried to set aside Tuesday and Thursday for creative pursuits, but sometimes life gets in the way. Thanks for the reminder. Trying a new hair spray today, ha! Will see how I do on my pillow tonight.

  9. Love you and all the corners of your mind. Feel the same way about blogging - not putting pressure on myself either. It's there when the words are there, or when the photos are there, or when we just need more SPACE to create something. And that's a good thing.

    P.S. My big girl camera gets a bit more dusty these days, too...

  10. Oh! This reminds me of Michigan winters too. The silent peacefulness + beauty of it. Thank you.

    (My big girl camera goes mostly unused, now that I have moved back to the land of winter. I just can't take my fingers out of my mittens to use it!) Thank goodness for camera phones.

    Wishing you the perfect solution.

  11. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful images. My big girl camera still has a roll of film in it!!! I have no idea what's on it. I was going to finish it up while on Christmas break but forgot to take it with me. Getting film developed is another thing. I guess I will have to search for a place to send it out. Boy I miss the good old days!
    I am also trying to fit in some weekly creative time this year. Giving yourself two days a week sounds heavenly. Enjoy your time!

  12. Oh yes. Time. Just for you... just to create, or be inspired by other people's creative stuff. That sounds perfect.
    I go back and forth between big girl camera and little phone camera.. never making up my mind.. but why should we have to? They are both magical boxes that capture moments. That's all that matters, right? It's the times that I don't want to pull out either one that makes me worry sometimes. There's an ebb and flo to everything, I suppose. :)

  13. So, so, so many bloggers from "back in the day" (which was what... maybe 5 years ago?) have moved on or just disappeared. Kinda makes me sad. I'm not a huge Facebook fan-- there's just so much clutter, and Instagram is okay felt like a "drive by" (albeit it sometimes beautiful) visit.

    Of course saying that, I've hardly blogged in the past year myself... I've promised myself I'd do better and get more focused but I'm still looking for the "focused" part. Ha!.

    Regardless, I love reading your words and seeing your photos-- anytime, anywhere.

    xoxo jj