your perfume is stuck on the back of my tongue

since i wrote my last post, surprisingly about writing here more often, with regularity and possibly a schedule,  i have failed miserably.  sure, i could tell you i've been super busy living in my kitchen while creating  new recipes in order to maintain my gluten free diet or that my studio gobbled me up and forced me to produce some amazing paintings, but that would be a lie…unless "creating new recipes" means eating gluten free chocolate chip cookies by the dozens and "producing amazing paintings" means organizing the shelves in my art closet. see, i have been busy!!!

okay, let me at least start with the honest fact that i'm still eating gluten free. 

now stand back while i throw my arms in the air {think gilda radner and superstar} and then lower them to rest on my hips in a power pose move. i'm only on day thirty three-ish and surprisingly, i'm hanging in there...and this is where i need you to let me follow that up by telling you that i rarely stick with anything, so that you'll truly be amazed at my abilities instead of yawning over the fact that someone else has gone gluten free and click over to read the next blog in your line-up.

now for random stuff 
because outside my window it's thunder snowing

1. i can't stand chunks of tomato in my tomato soup. just puree my soup, please. no chunks.

2. please remove the stitching on the back of your jacket holding down the "vent" opening. it's only there for shipping purposes to the store you bought it from and it's to be removed when you wear it. lately, i've been seeing this everywhere and it's driving me crazy. so if i come near your butt with scissors, you'll know why.

3. i used to be a shoe nut. lots of shoes. give me shoes. give me more shoes. but not anymore since my feet tend to hurt all the time. instead, jackets. give me jackets, lots of jackets. i love jackets.

4. if i make a perfect cup of tea with the most brilliant steeping of earl grey, almond and vanilla with a bit of honey and a splash of creamer, it's heaven and i don't need something sweet to eat with it. if my cup of tea is off just a bit, please bring me a rolo and a vanilla creme filled cookie and then i'll be satisfied. call me weird if you haven't already.

5. last but not least, another public service announcement regarding perfume. please stop dousing/bathing yourself in it. if someone tells you that you smell good, it means you have too much on. a little dab on certain areas of your body while you're naked is all you need. then put your clothes on and if during the day you get little whiffs of what you're wearing, perfect, as that perfume is for you, as it's your choice and it's there for you to enjoy...but dousing yourself in it before you walk out the door, forcing me to breathe "you" {not to mention gag and choke} while you're standing in the aisle at target, is so wrong. 

{i always feel that i will hurt someones feelings when i talk about perfume/cologne the way i do, but i truly feel that this needs to be out in the open. i put it in the same category as to why those who smoke, have to go outside to do it and can't sit in their offices/cubicles or walk through the mall puffing away around those who don't. i know some will say that smoking kills and perfume doesn't, but to those who are allergic to it, well…hopefully you get my point.}