all curled up in the time out chair

i'm not really serious about punishing myself for not being here for over a month, 
but yet, i kind of am.

so hello {beautiful old it hasn't been sat in for 30 years and was found sitting in the cottage we're going to renovate} time out chair.

writing down the words {that fill my head to capacity} and sharing them here side by side with the photos that magically {almost beyond my control} fill my phone or camera, has for years, "been my thing." lately though, "my thing" has been out to lunch. oh hell, who am i kidding?  "my thing" has been out to breakfast and dinner, too and then taking every opportunity to disappear during snack time.

maybe this is simply "just winter." and maybe this is just what winter wants us to do. maybe we're supposed to slow down, sleep a little bit later on those dark cold mornings, feel lazy, be lazy, drink more tea, wish we were at the gym when we're eating chips and then contemplate the writing and sharing that we want to do, yet find impossible to actually do because we're too busy doing and being what i mentioned above. or maybe this is just winter being an ass.

all i know for sure is,  i haven't been here...yet my notebook is filled with ideas and quotes and words and things i want to remember and share, and i'm fine with that being enough…or at least i convince myself tell myself that i'm fine with that being enough. sheesh, what it is with women always having to remind themselves that we are enough…and that what we do or don't do is enough?

deep breath...okay...and now, if you're still with me, i have a few things to finally share:

1. i love elizabeth's blog and truly wish that she was my next door neighbor! our husbands have so much in common! they're both married to crazy women :)

2. i absolutely do not need this, but i love it.

3. i want this. then i want to live like that!

4. the opening day of this movie is on my calendar.

5. this is my new best friend…especially in my laundry. see, you really don't need stinky makes me choke and my eyes water scented laundry detergent. we are humans and were never meant to smell like a moonlight breeze, tropical sunrise or apple berry twist. seriously, give me a break!


  1. You and your vinegar are enough. 😉
    Love ya!

  2. I was checked out last year for like eight months, but then I came back to life so I totally understand Beth! Love your honesty......

  3. We all take breaks now and then -- it's always good to see you! And oh, I'll love Finding Dory too!

  4. Love this post. I have to remind myself often that I am enough and have enough.
    Vinegar is what my housekeeper uses when she cleans my house. The house feels so clean after she has left. I must put June 17th on the calendar too. Thanks!